New vacation plans

Now that Jill has less than a month to go, we’ve made our vacation plans. It’s something we’ve discussed almost since she started, that when she’s done, she’ll need a month to study and take her boards. But then she’ll have a month before certification and she can start working, so we’ll have time for a big trip. We initially discussed taking 4 weeks off and going crazy – visiting Tokyo, Australia, New Zealand, and hitting Hawaii on the way back. First Jill decided she didn’t want to leave home for all that time, and we dropped Tokyo. Then we discovered exactly how much it costs to go to either Australia or New Zealand, and we can’t afford that now.

The first cruise we went on was the second Eddie From Ohio one, and we had a lot of fun, but decided that band cruises were the way to go (lots of like minded people, we’ve enjoyed the subsequent ones). So I found another band cruise we both wanted to do (we both love BNL and Great Big Sea) and it fit into the time we had already planned on taking off (there was another cruise with artists we liked, but the time didn’t work). Then some airfare deals to Hawaii came up, and suddenly we had our trip: a week and a half in Hawaii (Big Island and Maui), then a week and a half in Miami, with almost a week long cruise. Now we’re busy looking at where we can stay in both places with our resort club.