A case of the Mondays

Work wasn’t bad yesterday, and I had a nice massage afterwards and planned to spend a nice evening watching Heroes and reading the paper. That changed when Jill got home and couldn’t open the door. The handle had been loose but it was still working fine before that, but now the key wouldn’t work. I took the mechanism apart and it seemed like I just needed a new lock, decided to go look after dinner. Then I turned on the DVR and it was 98% full instead of the 48% full it had been in the morning, and it was busy deleting old shows to make room. A reboot didn’t help, and I had to delete other shows until I found a movie had become corrupt and had gone from 8% of the drive to 70%, and it seemed ok after I deleted it.

After a quick dinner of salad and burgers, I had an idea about using a lock from another door, but something wasn’t quite right. I went to Home Depot to get a replacement, but they only sold doorknob sets, and the complete set to replace our door hardware would’ve run about $150, so I returned home. I got it working eventually, but it the handle was an inch down from where it was before and didn’t look quite right. I spent some more time trying to get it in the original position, but eventually figured out the other lock wasn’t shaped exactly like the old one and the screw holes weren’t quite in the right place. So I gave up and now the door handle’s a bit off and I still need to drill a new hole to attach the bottom as it had gotten too late by the time I finished. I did finish watching Heroes, great start to the season and far better than last season so far.