Weekend in Maryland

Friday was a quick night, I made taco salad and we watched some TV. The two shows both of us are watching right now are Dead Like Me and Gavin & Stacey, both excellent (one from Showtime, one from BBC).

Saturday I had a busy morning on the computer, started some auctions and worked on a DVD. We left around 5 for Annapolis, and got there with time to spare before our reservation at O’Learys Seafood Restaurant in Eastport. I wanted to try something outside of the docks area, and we hadn’t been to Eastport. The restaurant is very nice, and we were seated promptly. I had the lobster bisque and Jill had seared scallops to start. The bisque was excellent, rich with some lobster chunks. For main courses, Jill had the fried grouper (nice light breading) and I had the crab cakes. Unfortunately, while the food was very good, it also wasn’t quite as good as our meal last week at Hooked, and it was more expensive.

We headed over to the Rams Head and got seated. We had dessert there, an ok peanut butter pie, but the best part was the show. I’d seen Paula Cole once before as part of the H.O.R.D.E. Festival, but she hadn’t left a big impression – Jill’s a big fan though. She was great from 10 feet away, really had good stage presence, and I’d been cramming with her newer songs and enjoyed the show.

Paula Cole at Rams Head

We had a fun ride back as I’d downloaded the Torchwood radio episode set at CERN, ended just in time. The DVR wasn’t working when we got back from the show, but I ignored it. I regretted that early Sunday morning as there was a scratching at the door. I followed Illa down to the source, which turned out to be the FiOS box. Nothing seemed to help, so I called tech support. Unplugging it seemed to work for a little while, then it stopped working. Eventually I figured out that even though the main box seemed to have power, it was only using the battery, and the battery was drained. So I took it apart, and the power wires came right off. I plugged them back in, reassembled everything, and we were good to go.

Illa was freaked out all morning (he’s pretty neurotic for a Malamute), but calmed down in the afternoon after a couple walks. We left him to go over to the Takoma Park Folk Festival. Jill wanted to see a little more of Takoma Park, and I wanted to check out at least one band there, We’re About 9 (since we missed them at FRFF). We got there with plenty of time, and checked out the crafts before grabbing a seat. They were good, playing classics like “Brooklyn” and “Weight Of The Ocean”, as well as a great new one “Write It All Down”. We headed back afterwards and Jill made fruit salad, then I did Thai Basil Chicken again.

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  1. Dead Like Me was wonderful. Nevermind the main character, I’d have watched just for Mandy Potemkin pontificating on life, death and pie.

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