Family weekend

Another weekend traveling to Massachusetts, except this time to the western end of the state. Due to some miscommunication (I wanted to leave at 5:15, Jill thought I said get up by then) we got a very late start Saturday, and I drove very very fast up to BWI (flights are definitely getting more expensive, still broke $200 each). We boarded the plane only minutes before they closed the doors, but still got ok seats, and the flight was uneventful. We usually get a ride from the airport from one of Jill’s family, but it was an extra crazy weekend and we rented a car – this one, not bad.

We got to Jill’s mom’s house around 10, and played with Jill’s sister’s kids for a while until they had to go out, and I promptly took a nap. I got changed and we headed over to the church. It was the christening of Jill’s youngest niece, Eva, and I’d been asked to be godfather (now you can ask of me a favor). The ceremony was fairly short and painless, then we headed over to a party at Jill’s sister’s father’s house. We sat in shade and chatted most of the afternoon, then went back to home base. We watched some of the Red Sox game, played with the kids, and Jill’s mom made BLTs for dinner – no one was very hungry after we had consumed mass quantites of pizza at the party. Everyone got tired early, and we were all in bed by 11.

I woke up early Sunday because of the early bedtime and hung out with Jill’s grandmother for a while. We went downstairs and Jill’s mom made us some breakfast, then we waited for the rest of the family to arrive to take pictures. Jill’s mom thought we were just going out for brunch, but Jill and her sisters had actually arranged a surprise birthday party at the restaurant with friends and family, and she had no idea it was coming. It was fun, even going outside (under cover) during the thunderstorms. The food was great (I’ll never turn down two breakfasts), but all too soon we were all going separate ways. We headed directly to the airport – we were lucky the day before and didn’t want to press our luck. Of course that meant the flight was delayed, but only by twenty minutes. The Beltway was running slow because of rain, and we got home a little after 9. Two fun weekends in a row, but I’m looking forward to nothing more than a concert this weekend.

No pictures – I packed my camera, but forgot to bring it out. If only someone reading this blog took some pictures…

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  1. What a coincidence…I read your blog and I did take pictures!…I’ll let you know when they are uploaded…it was a fantastic weekend!!!

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