Indy tripleheader

My coworkers have been talking about Grand Theft Auto IV. For me, it’s more like this, but it did leave with a desire to pick up a controller again, and I played some Super Mario Friday for the first time in over a month. I haven’t had the urge as much since I passed 60 stars, but I did want to finish collecting the green ones.

Saturday was once more a cleaning day, but since we’d cleaned the inside last week, I turned my attention to the outside, mostly the shrubs (and weeds) in front and back. I also fixed the garbage disposal (turns out it’s pretty simple) and grilled some burgers for dinner. We had invited some friends over to watch all three Indiana Jones movies on Saturday night, and we had a good turnout and consumed a lot of popcorn. The flicks stand up pretty well, too.

Sunday I just had auctions and reading to do, but that took the bulk of the day. I took some leftover chicken, made a barbecue sauce for it and simmered for a while to get pulled chicken, and made some mashed potatoes and spinach to go with it for dinner. Not a busy weekend, and we didn’t go out (were thinking of seeing Lewis Black, but passed). That’s ok, summer’s coming and lots of busy weekends with it.