Oh yeah, an update

Friday was another in what’s getting to be a habit, a quick dinner with Jill (pizza and salad) and a long round with Super Mario Galaxy, except I’d gotten up at 5:30 (when she did) to see if she needed help with snow/ice. She didn’t, but I stayed up and got home at 3:30, with plenty of time to take Illa on a long walk, play some Wii, and watch some TV before she got home.

Saturday I slept in, spent a lot of time on the computer and in the office, organizing and cleaning. We headed over to participate in a birthday party/murder mystery – the first time I’d done one, and it was fun (I was the butler, Jill was the vet). We got burgers for dinner and a very nice chocolate silk pie for dessert.

Sunday we did some cleaning (maybe finish this weekend) and straightening up, I got another eBay auction ready to ship, and I did the taxes. Boy, that was not fun. Transforming an IRA to a Roth IRA meant I’d essentially be taxed on the whole thing as income. We’re going to have to do some belt tightening for the next couple months. Spring break is still on (airline tix are not fun to mess with), but we’ve postponed a trip to Wisp we’d planned for this weekend (it was a Christmas gift to me from Jill, maybe next season). I sauteed some chicken legs for dinner, served with the leftover cheese sauce and steamed asparagus and rice and beans.

Today I rushed home and sent out invoices for the eBay auctions. I heated up some frozen lobster bisque and made buffalo chicken sandwiches, then finished packaging the auction winners. I’ve been doing a fair amount of auctions recently, but I’ve still got plenty of comics left and need to keep up the pace, especially since we could use the extra cash. Also going to sell off any DVD that’s been released or will be released on glorious Blu-ray.