A quick and simple Valentine’s Day this year. I’d made reservations at Poste, but Jill was scheduled to work late and couldn’t face going out when she had to get up and do it all over again on Friday. So I moved the reservation to today and made a backup plan. She called and told me she was leaving work just as I was, so I had to hurry. First stop was Lowe’s, since there’s nothing more romantic than a fixed toilet, then on to Thai Basil, a Thai place in Chantilly that’d been getting some raves, then home, where I managed to beat her home, but didn’t finish getting the food reheated for a bit.

We started with the Po Piah Tod (vegetarian spring rolls), which came with a nice sweet but hot sauce. I’d meant to get Jill Gang Matsaman Nua (beef curry), but instead got her Goong-Gang Himmapaan (shrimp, chicken and cashews) – good thing she liked it. It wasn’t on the menu, but I’d read about their crispy duck and basil and tried that. I’m a duck fan, but had never had it thai style before – fantastic flavor accompaniment. For dessert, we tried the sticky rice with steamed custard, very tasty, and Jill had brought some chocolate covered strawberries as well.