Weekend and Brogue

Another light Friday (Buffalo chicken salad for dinner), followed by another busy Saturday as I wanted to get outside before a windy and cold Sunday. Friday was a quick dinner of, followed by an early bedtime for Jill and Super Mario for me. I took Illa out for a nice run/walk Saturday, then settled in to catch up on papers and start my monthly comics shipment. The last issue of Y: The Last Man was good, but not quite what I was expecting. Saturday night we had leftovers of the tandoori chicken I’d made, and then we read some more.

Sunday was nice for spending indoors. I started another series of eBay auctions, which took most of the morning and afternoon (50 auctions this week). We headed over to the Old Brogue to see Beth Patterson at her 4PM show (she was doing three shows, and earlier is better on a school night). We’d missed her the last two years she’s done January shows at the Brogue, and I was determined not to miss her this time. Very fun show, but short. We stayed afterwards to eat dinner there (I dislike watching a concert while I’m eating), I had corned beef and cabbage while Jill had fish and chips, then we finished with a Jameson’s whiskey cake – couldn’t resist. More Super Mario for me when we got home, then Jill headed to bed and I sped through the Grammys while reading the paper.

Beth Patterson at the Old Brogue