Birthday weekend

Ok, not really my birthday – that’s tomorrow, but we started the celebrating early. On Friday, a neighbor had her birthday party, and we were there late, having a bit much of a good time. Saturday morning I was hurting a little, but took Illa and my car over to the mechanic so they could replace my door handle (plastic wore out) and I walked Illa home and made myself the classic slab burger (with egg) before going outside and reading on the deck.

In the evening I headed over to the Cheesecake Factory in Bethesda for a coworker’s bachelor party. Since the group started arriving around 5, we got a table in less than half an hour, pretty good for that place (the line when we left was incredible). No cheesecake for me – after appetizers, a chicken and avocado club, and a side of asparagus, there was no room at the inn. Good thing, as the second part of the night was laser tag. That was a lot of fun, even though I was worn out at the end. It was also cool to find out the place has a location very close to work, may have to do that again soon.

Sunday I really slept in, but did make my classic schmorgles for breakfast, also making some deviled eggs for later in the week as the 6 eggs a week we’re getting are piling up. For dinner, we packed Illa in the car and headed over to Mom’s. This was Illa’s first chance to meet Tati, her new dog, and they were quickly roughhousing in the backyard. Dad and my sister soon showed, and we went inside to eat. I’d requested something I hadn’t had in a while: Mom’s homemade crepes, with ham, asparagus, and hollandaise sauce. Those were scrumptious, and she also had homemade applesauce. She also made carrot cake from scratch for dessert, very tasty (and we wouldn’t have known unless she told us that she’d had to substitute vanilla extract for lemon extract, ’cause it had evaporated). Got to get to bed soon, as I’m meeting Jill in DC early tomorrow night for our dinner.

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