Gone Ballooning

Friday was kinda short, work was good, had pizza for lunch and stopped by the game store, which carries comics, and picked up one I’d missed. Jill made fresh marinara sauce for dinner, and we did some cleaning before calling it a night as she went to bed and I went online.

5AM was way too early to wake up, but Mom was downstairs. For Mother’s Day, we’d gotten her a two person hot air balloon ride, and this was the day she picked (and she picked me to go with her). We were to go to the parking lot of a McDonald’s in Boyce. We got there and Bob from Balloons Unlimited soon showed, and we went to a nearby park and ride lot. I thought that was a meeting point, but no, he started unpacking the balloon. We helped unpack and setup, but we ran into a snag: the fellow meant to drive the chase truck never showed. But a couple people were watching the launch, and Bob found Mike, who was willing to drive the truck (and doesn’t that trust say something about the folks out there?).

We got onboard, and that’s when I learned the dirty little secret: when the pilot opens the blast valve, it’s both really loud and really frackin’ hot. We took off, and the flight was always several minutes of serene floating, followed by several seconds of a loud blast of heat. But it was pretty cool, and all too soon we were landing. Bob had targeted an old plant, and we landed right next to it. We helped pack up, and soon were headed back to the launch spot, most of us in the gondola in the back of the truck (which was almost as much fun as the ride).

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I was home by 10, enough time to make breakfast but not enough to finish cleaning by the time Jill’s mom and sister arrived. They’d gotten up even earlier than me for the drive down, and they hung out while we finished cleaning. Jill and Robin went to Costco to pick up dinner fixings while Sue napped and I read the paper then made a photo slideshow DVD of the morning’s adventure, as my mom and sister would be joining us for dinner. Dinner took a while, as I grilled salmon and steaks, and made salad to go with them while Jill prepped dessert and made a cheese and cracker plate. We socialized, then ate when everything was ready. It was a good evening, finished off by Jill’s peach and strawberry on angel food cake dessert. We were wiped and collapsed into bed right after folks left.

Sunday I finally got to sleep in, and it was great. I made schmorgles, eggs, and sausage to order in the morning, then Jill and her family left for Tyson’s, leaving Illa and I to delight in the Skins achieving 1-0 (it’s a start). We snacked when they got back, then got ready to go out to Belmont, where we got dinner from the vendors (just a small sub for me) and drinks before seeing Luke Brindley again (he opened for efo in August).

If there was one band I never thought I’d see, it’s Lynyrd Skynyrd. I mean, as far as legendary Southern rock bands with deceased members, there’s a better one (although there are bands I’d like to see less). But Robin is a huge fan, and has never gotten to see them live, so we felt it was our obligation to take her. They were pretty good, and the crowd was into them, but I’ve never loved the songs, and its past time for them to drop some of the imagery they use – it’s just offensive. Still, the show was decent, and we made it out of there quickly.

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  1. I saw them setting up that concert and almost got stuck in that traffic! The NCC (where I am working this week and last) is right up the street.

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