Out and about

Friday I headed downtown to meet the rest of my family at RFK to see the Nationals take on the Indians, and to celebrate (belatedly) my mom’s birthday and Father’s Day. It’s tough for us all to get together during summertime (the next time won’t be ’til August), but the game was fun. From the Post’s take, you wouldn’t know about the coolest thing: a catch by the shortstop that wasn’t ruled a catch, since the ball went in his shirt and down his pants. We had some food (Jill and I had platters from Red Hot and Blue) and beers (Harp was $6.50).

Saturday I didn’t do too much, read papers and walked the dog (I did get a tick from the walk, but felt it crawling up my leg and nabbed it). We had the leftover chicken Piccata for dinner, then I drove over to Nissan Pavilion to see Rush (Jill is not a fan). Another great show from them, highlights were my first time seeing “Circumstances” from Hemispheres (my favorite album), the live debut of “Entre Nous” (from Permanent Waves) and all of the new songs were good, particularly “Spindrift” and “The Main Monkey Business”. Some other fan reviews here. I got a shirt, a program and a beer (Yuengling was $8).

Sunday was also kind of lazy, finished the papers, watched some TV, and surfed before we headed over to the Loudoun Summer Music Fest to see Blues Traveler. This is the third year they’ve been having live music on Sundays, and good bands. I’d been meaning to get over there, but schedule conflicts and weather had stopped me. But the rain held off to a couple light sprinkles, and we had a good time hanging out with the Jewells. Along with the usual hits, it was nice to hear “Canadian Rose” and “100 Years”. We enjoyed food from the Saffron Cafe (Mediterranean), Buffalo Wing Factory and Kirkpatrick’s, and beer (Blue Moon was $5).