Holy spit

I was watching the 2007 VH1 Rock Honors last night. Good show, I thought 2006 would be hard to top because of Queen, but they had a good lineup. Some good matches on the tribute groups, and the supergroup this year was Gretchen Wilson joining Alice in Chains to sing Heart’s “Barracuda” with guitarist Nancy Wilson (no relation, but I wondered if having the same last name as the sisters helped them convince to use a country performer). They worked great, and Nickelback doing ZZ Top’s “Sharp Dressed Man” was good – the one that didn’t work was Keane doing “That’s All” (from Genesis). I think it wasn’t a good match for Tom’s range, he’s usually singing in a higher register. Robin Williams was his usual self introducing Genesis, and they and Ozzy were in fine form.

Anyway, I joined the Genesis fan club to get good tix for their show here in September. They had held a contest for a pair of front row seats for this year’s Rock Honors that I’d entered, and as I opened my mail as I watched I thought how cool it would have been to be there. Best Buy’s Reward Zone had also been running a contest recently for a pair of tix and VIP lounge passes for the Police tour (they’re the big sponsor) and I’d entered that as well, but it’d ended last week and I hadn’t heard anything so I figured I didn’t win that either. But the last piece of mail I opened was a FedEx envelope from a name I didn’t recognize. Sometimes I’ve gotten mortgage refinance offers that way, but not this time. Inside was a letter telling me I’d won a pair of tix for their Hershey, PA stop, as well as a pair of sweet tix (11th row) and directions on how to get the VIP passes. “Holy spit” was not what I said, and then I didn’t say it again.

I still think the Police will have a stop in our area besides the Virgin Festival, and I intend to go to both that and Live Earth, bringing up the possibility I could see them four times this year. I probably won’t, but knowing the volatile personalities involved this may be their last tour, and I’ve never seen them before and really like them. I picked the Hershey, PA show because not only is it the closest, it’s also the Friday of our vacation, so we can start heading north a little early (assuming that Jill can get out of school early, too).