efo and a sick pup

Saturday I woke up, went downstairs, and found an unpleasant sight: doggy vomit. I cleaned it up, then took Illa on a long walk through the woods. He seemed ok, but we gave him yogurt for breakfast, our normal food for him when his stomach is upset. I went to a coworker’s bbq in the afternoon (bringing this jello, was really good and Jill wants to try it sometime). It was fun, he had spicy coleslaw and some nice sausages he grilled in addition to the standards, and we even got in a couple games of Jungle Speed. I was planning on us going out to dinner in Frederick, but Jill couldn’t spare the time. Which was ok, as Illa soon proved he hadn’t gotten better. He seemed ok within a couple minutes, and we didn’t leave before another couple hours.

We took the western route to Frederick, getting there with about 20 minutes to spare. Jill was now getting hungry, but there were no nearby places with quick food. and the only thing in the theater lobby was candy. Still, we ran into an old friend, and got a drink before we took our seats. Now we’ll be seeing eddie from ohio several times this summer, but this was the only reserved seating show, and we hadn’t had front row seats to one of their shows in a while. They opened with the always stunning “Great Day” and continued with “And The Rain Crashed Down”. Before the show, we were inducted into a conspiracy – after the third song, we held up signs that said “Happy Birthday Julie”, because the lead singer had just celebrated a birthday. She was appropriately embarrased, but the show continued apace. “From Bleeker To Broadway” was a welcome return, though Julie forgot the lyrics – Robbie cracked “Maybe someone could buy the CD and bring us the booklet?”, but she recovered. The usual solo turns from Robbie and Mike and the first set ended with a one-two punch of a Maryland/Virginia combo, “Baltimore” and “Old Dominion”.

After an intermission, the show resumed with the classic “Number Six Driver” (and also continuing the Virginia theme). A cover of Shawn Colvin’s “I Don’t Know Why” with just Julie and Robbie was moving, but not as moving as the finale. The tragedy down at Virginia Tech affected the band deeply, since Julie is an alum. When the school contacted the band about using a song in a video tribute, they were honored, and it was for that song, “Walk Humbly, Son” that they left the mikes and stood right in front of it and sung it without any amplification. The show could have ended there, but the audience was not ready for that. The band wasn’t sure what to play, and teased “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” from a shouted request, but someone came up with the prefect closer – a cover of Lowen and Navarro’s “We Belong” (made famous by Pat Benatar).

We headed home since Jill wanted to be in bed by midnight, having a snack when we got home. Illa was fine when we got home, and still ok when I went to bed. Not this morning, as I was awoken by the sound of – oh, you guess. Jill didn’t have time to clean it up, and I told her not to worry about it and went back to bed. I slept for another couple hours, then got up. Jill was just about to leave and had given him rice for breakfast. I showered, cleaned up his mess, then took him on a long walk. He had been pretty listless yesterday, but had some spunk today. I did my auction thing, then went out on the deck to catch up on papers. He joined me, sitting in the shade. I came back in and read some more until Jill got home, then I grilled some pork I’d seasoned earlier and made pork fajitas for dinner. Illa seemed better, so he got rice and a little bit of his dry food for dinner. Hopefully I won’t have any surprises tomorrow morning, or he may be going to the vet.

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  1. That’s funny about Bleeker to Broadway – each of the last two times I’ve seen them do it, she’s either forgotten the words or she’s put the verses in the wrong order. I love that song though.

    Any chance you have their version of “We Belong” recorded?

  2. I wish I had a copy of “We Belong” – I saw a couple tapers as we scampered out, so I’m hoping something will make it to archive.org soon.

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