Surf and turf and snow

Friday Jill made Chicken Paprikash. Pretty good, but my favorite meal of the week was on Wednesday when she surprised me with cheesesteaks. After dinner, we watched “Kids In The Hall: Brain Candy”, which I’d never seen and Jill had watched too long ago to remember much. I always liked the series (“I’m crushing your head”), but had never seen the movie. Pretty good, though I was expecting more characters from the series. After that, we watched an episode of “Creature Comforts”. That’s a great series from the BBC, but I had no idea until I looked it up there’s a US version coming. Sounds odd, but I just watched some of the clips and they’re pretty funny.

Saturday we slept in. I got up around 9:30 and took Illa out as I heard him moving around (and he doesn’t do that unless he needs to go). I showered and stretched, and was planning to make myself breakfast until I discovered we were out of eggs. So I gathered up the paper recycling (all 8 bags), took it to the center, then went and got a chair massage as part of a fundraiser my chiropractor was doing for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, then stopped by Bloom to pick up some groceries. I made an egg sandwich, then spent the rest of the day reading and watching TV while Jill studied. For dinner we had surf and turf, as I wanted steak but Bloom had only had one last steak on sale, but snow crab legs (from Candada) were only $3.99/lb – a crime to not pick them up. With steamed asparagus and the blue cheese butter I’d made for a previous steak, it made a fine meal, though I hadn’t realized Jill had never cracked a crab leg before (not that we had crackers, I used Jill’s meat tenderizer – that would make a good gift, Sue).

Sunday we awoke to copious amounts of snow. I did some initial shoveling, then walked Illa. I came back in to shower and stretch, then made strawberry oatmeal pancakes – sounded so good Jill had to join in for once. I cleaned up the office some, then we went outside and shoveled the cars out, and took Illa for another romp in the snow. I finished my eBay auctions throughout the day (combining multiple wins, sending invoices, printing postage for packages) while Jill studied. I was planning on going to my mom’s concert, but it was cancelled due to the snow. I made chicken fajitas for dinner, now I’m trying to wrap the rest of my online stuff so I can still zip through the Oscars on the DVR before I go to sleep.

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  1. crackers-got it!…
    another thing that you can do is use kitchen shears (or most any shears, actually)…add a tiny bit of olive oil to the cooking water to soften the shells (if boiling) to make cutting with shears easier…
    and 3.99/lb for crab legs???…very nice 🙂

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