Happy ending

An average week, but a nice ending. I put extra hours early in the week so I could leave at 1 today. Straight to my massage, then a bit of grocery and comic shopping, and I was home by 4. Jill was out until 8, so Illa and I had the place to ourselves. We played inside, then heard barking outside and it was his friend Bear and his owner Fern, so we went outside and played catch. That tuckered him out, so I came back in and made a salad and cooked a pizza (California Pizza Kitchen’s garlic chicken was disappointing in both the flavor and texture).

I watched TV until Jill got home, then we chatted and played with Illa some more (he’s wiped out now). She was tired as well and went to sleep, and I read the paper, now doing a little surfing and planning for tomorrow, then bed.