Reston book sale

The Reston library twice yearly booksale is this weekend. I’m going to be pretty busy this weekend, so I went there at lunch today with my coworker, Dave. However, the sale didn’t start ’til 5, so we went back to work (we had already eaten at Wrap Works, which while a bit of a hike from where we are in Herndon has some good wraps). D’oh!

Coming home tonight I decided to go to the sale. Only problem was tonight was a preview night for Friends of the Reston Regional Library, but since I’d have trouble coming back, I joined the group. It was only $15 for two people anyway, and it’s a good cause. I also managed to get Jill on the phone and she stopped by on her way home. I scored Stephen King’ “Cell” and “Night Shift”, Robert B. Parker’s “Sea Change”, and a couple others.