Floyd and pretzels

Friday was an early day as I managed to get up when Jill left, plus I missed a chance to go out to lunch because we had an afternoon deadline. So I got home a little after 5, which was good as I had a big night ahead of me. I read the paper while Jill studied, then she ran to the store for pizza and beer because she craved pizza and we had none. It was date night (which we’re trying to do once a week because she’s so busy), and we decided movies would be fun. At home, of course. We started with “Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind”. Wow, what a great movie – it’s rumination on memory and fate was really moving (it was also nice we could rewind a couple times to check out things again). After we finished, I cooked the pizza and made caesar salad. We started watching “Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit”, but Jill fell asleep halfway through. We’ll catch the rest sometime this week.

Saturday we slept in. I was up by 10, I walked Illa and made an omelette while watching Bill Maher. I went online for a while, then read the paper outside for a while, then inside watching Pink Floyd’s Pulse. We had leftover fajitas for dinner, then I was off to Nissan Pavilion. I meant to leave at 7, but didn’t leave until 7:30. I had remembered the construction there earlier in the summer, looked it up and found there was a new road, University Boulevard, going south from 29 almost directly there. I was excited to find a new way – that is, until I got there and found that they’d redirected 66 traffic there as well. So I didn’t get to park until 4 songs in. The only saving grace was I could hear the concert perfectly well from University Boulevard.

The concert was Roger Waters, who played a fine show of mostly Pink Floyd classics, only one new song and two solo songs. The second set was all of “Dark Side Of The Moon”. While I enjoyed the show immensely (especially “Sheep” and “Have A Cigar”) and felt it was better than the last time I saw him (on his 1999 tour in Baltimore), it suffered in comparison to the David Gilmour show I saw in April, especially since David (with Richard Wright) was the vocalist on most of the “Dark Side Of The Moon” songs. Still, a fun show, and Nissan Pavilion was either sold out or nearly so, people were having a good time. Jill went to bed not long after I got home and we had dessert, I stayed up a bit watching the premiere of CSI (I don’t always watch but wanted to see John Mayer).

Sunday Jill was up early to study, I slept in ’til 11. I got up, walked the dog, and made egg sandwiches as the Redskins game started. It was a must win and they got it done with help not just from Clinton Portis but also a great game from Ladell Betts and all their wide receivers. I started the paper, then stopped after the game to make dinner. I had made dough the night before, but there was a bit more work to make pretzels (and pretzel dogs) out of it. I’d seen pretzel dogs at Auntie Anne’s last weekend, but they were out, and I had a craving for them. I watched “Six Degrees” (new show, ok – no JJ Abrams touch I could feel) and “Eureka” as I made them. Jill had been home and out again to get a new phone (old one had been missing for several weeks) and more beer. She wasn’t that into the pretzel dogs, mostly because she didn’t like the hot dogs I used (organic ones that she’d bought). That’s ok – not every recipe can be a winner. Now we’re both online, but she’ll go to bed shortly and I’ll go downstairs and finish the paper and watch some more TV.