Chicks, cleaning and cooking

Friday night I got home around 5:15 to grab Jill, we got going close to 6. She drove and her car was more shaky than usual on the Toll Roda, but fine otherwise, so we kept going. We went to Elevation Burger in Falls Church to try their burgers. It was laid out like Potbelly’s, but with burgers (made with organic beef). Jill had a Cheeseburger and I had a Big Phat Burger, we split the fries (cooked in olive oil), and I had a soda and Jill had a vanilla shake. It was decent, but Jill wasn’t a big fan of the fries, and it’s got a very small parking lot.

A quick trip to Metro and we were soon on the train – a long wait to transfer at Metro Center was the only reason we didn’t get there until the middle of Bob Schneider‘s first song. He’s an Austin singer songwriter – sometime I’ll have to tell about the last time I saw him. He was good, but the crowd was pumped for the Dixie Chicks. The last tour was after their previous remarks that got them in hot water, but this time they were loud and proud with their views (and songs), and the crowd was very supportive, giving them a standing ovation after “Not Ready To Make Nice”. A good show, and we headed home. Or almost home, as we had decided to drop Jill’s car at the mechanic, and dropped me off at home so I could follow her over.

Saturday was the first of two consecutive days sleeping in. It’d been a while since I had, and it was great. He did get a phone call about Jill’s car – $1400 of brake and tire work. Expensive, but we can’t afford another car now. I made an egg sandwich for breakfast whle watching “Daily Show”, then started watching “War Of The Worlds” (not bad, but I probably won’t watch it again) and reading mail while Jill went to the grocery store. I spent the rest of the afternoon rearranging and repacking the camping supplies in their corner of the basement while Jill made crab dip. I grilled some steaks while she made salad, then we went to Arlington. One of her coworkers from Georgetown was throwing a party, and we hung out and talked for a while. It was good because we had a chance to chat with several people who are almost done with the anesthesiologist program Jill’s about to start. We may change some of our upcoming vacation plans as a result, not certain yet.

We came home and were hungry – I was still full from steak, and only got a little of the crab dip at the party. We had poppers and leftover birthday cake (good thing ice cream doesn’t go bad). We weren’t sleepy, and decided to watch a movie. “Napoleon Dynamite” was the shortest (and oldest – from February) thing on the DVR. We were behind the times on that one, it did have some laugh out loud moments, but again I don’t know if I’d watch it a second time.

Sunday Jill wanted a bagel so she went out and I made schmorgles (she’s not a breakfast person) while I watched some “Justice League”. Next, we tackled cleaning out the hall closet, then ran the leftovers over to Goodwill. Since we had the vacuum out, I ran it, then noticed some strange noises and smells and decided it was time to take it apart while I watched TV. I lost track of time and didn’t get the pork shoulder ribs on the grill in time to eat them, just packed some for Jill. I finished cooking them and had them with a cucumber salad she made that was tasty and tangy, then cleaned the kitchen. I just finished starting an eBay auction of comics and putting some CDs on – next dessert (ice cream and a banana for me, pork fat for Illa), then bed.