Critter update

Illa had another vet visit Friday and seems back to normal after his antibiotics over the weekend. One final test on his stool to know for sure.

I meant to get to work by 8 today, so I could work for a couple hours before my massage, but it just didn’t happen. The raccoon trapper was supposed to come by after I was done, but came by early. He diagnosed us with a missing roof vent and left a trap on the roof. I called them to let them know I had a family, not just one, but they charge a flat fee and said they’d be back once a day until they’re all gone.

They offered to install another vent and a couple others, but the price was a little high. Plus, we need to get a new roof this year anyway – no point paying for something that’s going to be torn off soon.

I went in around noon, worked until 8:30 with a short lunch around 4. I was trying to avoid going to bed late, but I can’t seem to avoid it when I’m on the computer. Gonna have to try something else to limit myself during the week.