Bachelor update

Jill’s planning on meeting me in Baltimore on Saturday, so I’ve been solo this week. I’ve been watching a lot of Dr. Who (on the 4th and last DVD of season 1). Monday, I made pork chops, sauteed with mustard on side and salsa on the other. Pretty good – it was a recipe and not a whim, unlike Tuesday when I decided to marinate chicken thighs in pineapple. Also added some poppy seeds (didn’t have any sesame), and cooked some black beans with the leftover marinade while I grilled the chicken. Not sure about the pineapple & black beans, but the chicken was tasty.

Yesterday was a long day. I got up a little past 6, so I could be at work at 8 and leave before 10 for a massage and adjustment, then leave by 6 PM so I could walk the dog, then head out again to Best Buy (exclusive bonus tracks on the new Dixie Chicks and Def Leppard CDs) and get to the Meadowlark Botanical Gardens by 7:45. Also known as the scene of the crime (where Jill and I got married), Robbie Schaefer had a show there. It was a bit odd to be back at first, but Daniel Lee, the opener, was playing when I got in so I just sat down. The stage was set up above the dance floor, and they had rows of white wooden seats (the ones that were used for the audience when we had the wedding outside) in front of the stage. He had his new kids CD for sale, but didn’t do anything off it, played his usual solo songs with some brand new ones (I’m fond of “Carolina” and “Leon’s Goin’ Down”). When I got home, I made a wrap out of half of the remaining pork chop and some refried beans.

Today I slept in because I just could not get up any earlier, got up around 9:30 and work by 11. I got home around 8, took Illa on a long walk, then had some leftover corned beef in an almost reuben (mozzarella instead of swiss cheese, pumpernickel instead of rye bread). I thought about seeing Todd and Matt (from Getaway Car) in Sterling, but needed a night at home, since I’m going to see Paul and Storm and Jonathan Coulton at Jammin’ Java tomorrow (and Illa wanted to play, and was very vocal about it). Instead, I had the fun task of poking around the attic (I’m hearing strange noises, and I thought it might be a raccoon), then I watched the finale of Lost (Jill watched it last night, so I knew I didn’t have to wait and watch it with her, like the other finales we’ve got on the DVR). Very interesting, but I’ll talk about it later with other finales.