Is “Purple Rain” a folk song?

‘Cause it made it into the first set of Newfoundland folk tunes by eclectic folk rockers Great Big Sea Friday night. It fit, though, and the audience lapped it up.

I grilled burgers and dogs for my coworkers for lunch Friday, which was fun, but didn’t get home as early as I’d thought as a result. Luckily neither of us were interested in dinner, so we got going. Took 66 to East Falls Church, then Metro to Foggy Bottom, where it was a quick walk to Lisner Auditorium. The show had started, but it looks like we walked in on the second song. Show was good – they did all traditional folk songs in the first set (plus the aforementioned “Purple Rain”), then did all their own material in the second.

We enjoyed the show immensely, but it’d been a long week, and we left shortly before the end of the second set. Jill went straight to bed, but I decided to finish my newspapers first. It was good to wake up Saturday refreshed. Jill ran a couple errands, then we went off for the afternoon, going to library booksales and Don Pablo’s (y’know, I wanted the recipe for their queso, but I don’t believe the one on their site is correct). I had the appetizer sampler, and between that and a side salad, couldn’t finish. No drinks, as I wasn’t interested and Jill didn’t have her license (it turned out she lost it near the ATM, as there was a phone message from the bank when we got back).

Saturday night Jill wanted Cold Stone ice cream, so she went to get some. An hour later, she was back, swearing never to go again on weekend. It was good, but I was disappointed they pulled my fave ice cream (carrot cake batter, I settled for sweet cream). Jill was on call and got called in twice, at 8 and 11. Between calls we caught up on two eps of Desperate Housewives, then I read, made some DVDs, and watched SNL. We went to bed when she got back after 2.

Today was chore day. Jill went to Costco, Home Depot, and the nursery for various green things, while I made huevos rancheros and cleaned up the kitchen. Then she started planting grass in front (the grass planted on the bald spots earlier hadn’t taken) while I cleaned the deck and patio. Then she put plants in in back (no more freezes hopefully). We watched Alias, then I headed up here. Tonight, steaks – either by themselves or in fajitas (no such thing as too much Mexican food).