Rain and Sun

Friday I went over to shop at my favorite shop, CD Cellar in Falls Church. I hit their clearance and singles section, didn’t pick up a thing over $2. Then I met my mom and sister for dinner at Tippy’s Taco House in Merrifield. I got the special, which was a burrito and two tacos. My sister was leaving the next day for a week in Hong Kong, a week in China, and a week in South Korea, so it was my last chance to see her. We chatted until they started vacuuming, then went our separate ways.

Jill was just finishing dinner when I got back (she didn’t join us, just grabbed dinner at Chipotle on the way home. Illa had thrown up, so she was watching him. He was fine the rest of the evening, so I gave him the rest of his dinner. I watched Smallville and C in C, read some papers, and surfed while Jill went to bed early to work.

I got up around 10:30 on Saturday morning. I showered and stretched, then went to take Illa for a walk in the rain. I thought it’d be a short one, but he was eating grass to induce vomiting, so I ended up taking him around for over an hour. We were both soaked by the time we got back inside. Around 3, I ran to Wolf Trap to exchange some tix (decided to go see Paul & Storm and The Bobs instead of Lucy Kaplansky so we could have people over that night), then went grocery shopping. It’d stopped raining when I left the house, but the skies opened as I was driving home from the grocery store. I hustled everything inside, but between that and walking Illa, I had to change into a third pair of socks before I went out again.

I took the 950 Fairfax Connector from Herndon to West Falls Church where my mom picked me up. Then we drove into Georgetown to pick Jill up from work (although I forgot her change of clothes) and drove up to Kensington. We had a decent dinner at Kensington Pizza and Kebabs (gyro for Jill, chicken souvlaki for me), but we were there to see my friend Chris’s mother headline in Kind Lady, an interesting thriller about a lady and a con man. She was very good, and Mom and Jill didn’t notice their smooth coverup of a prop messup.

Home after that, as we got up early Sunday to go horseback riding with the DC Ski Club (yeah, odd event, but they do events year round). We carpooled with a guy from DC, and were a little nervous as it was raining heavily less than 30 minutes before we arrived. But not only did the rain stop, the skies cleared and the sun shone as we rode. I rode Poncho and Jill got Geronimo. Poncho did not like walking in wet spots, and went to great lengths to avoid it. We had a bit of excitement when the horse in front of me was spooked by a tree branch falling, and Poncho did a 180 and tried to keep going before I stopped him. It was my first time riding, and it was fun, but I don’t know if I’d do it again.

After the ride, most of the group went to Farfelu Winery for a tasting. Jill enjoys their wine, which is why she was disappointed to hear they’d close at the end of the year. But the tasting was fun, and we got some cheese and sausage and ate it on their porch before heading back. I went outside on the deck and cleaned the grill, then grilled the chicken I’d been marinating and ribs for tomorrow. Jill hasn’t been feeling well, and rested before she took Illa for a walk. When they got back, I boiled pasta and broccoli, then added the chicken and the pesto I’d already made. Next – some of our TV backlog.