Oh no you di-int

Stephen Colbert had a segment on Tuesday night’s show about did Jesus really walk on water. The article suggests that the water temperature was colder then, and perhaps Jesus actually walked on ice on the water. Stephen refuted this by playing a clip of the Cars “Magic”, where singer Ric Ocasek walks on the water, saying since it was obviously summer when the video was shot, then there doesn’t have to be ice to walk on water. And for an expert commentary, he brought on Ric Ocasek himself.

That was pretty funny, but my LOL moment hadn’t arrived yet. First, you have to know that the surviving Cars members are touring with another ’70s singer, Todd Rundgren, on lead vocals, and that Ric Ocasek is usually a pretty laid back guy. So after Stephen put the Journal of Paleolimnology (where the article was published) on notice (on his board), he asked Ric if there was anyone he wanted to put on notice, and when Ric said “How about Todd Rundgren?”, I laughed hysterically.

Ok, I’m a music geek, but I thought it was funny.

I also liked Wednesday’s Daily Show’s tribute to Scott McClellan montage set to “More Than Words”.