The rest of Boston

So we didn’t just do music while we were in Boston. Friday our plane was delayed out of Dulles (no mechanic to install a part) and luggage delayed in Boston (the machine would only put luggage in, not take it out), so we were late getting started and ran into a fair amount of traffic on the way to Worcester. The bad part about that was there wasn’t time to get seated at any of the sit down restaurants around the DCU Center, so we ended up eating subs at Simon’s, next door to the Palladium. Subs were ok, nothing special, then we headed over to the show.

Afterwards, we just stood next to the cars in the garage since the line of cars didn’t even move for a solid 30 minutes. Eventually we got moving and it didn’t take to long to get back to Chris and Jess’s house (minus a minor detour in Boston thanks to roadwork).

Saturday we lazed about. Chris and I watched Thursday’s Daily Show, then Jess joined us to watch the season finale of Battlestar Galactica (nice twist of the last couple minutes). I glanced at some of Jess’s expectant mother books, and read one, The Three-Martini Playdate, that I really liked (with chapters like “Bedtime: Is Five-Thirty Too Early?” and “Screaming: Is It Necessary?”). I also reread V For Vendetta. Strangely, it didn’t help decide whether or not to see the movie adaption – I think the plot is so right for the Wachowskis.

We were planning on meeting up with Jill’s friend Joanna at Redbones in Somerville at 5, but got a late start, getting there around 6. Thankfully Joanna had gotten there at 5:30 and put here name on the wait list, and we only had to wait around 10 minutes for them to call us.

Jill had told me she’d been having a craving for this place for months, and now I know why. This was some of the best barbeque I’ve had, and I’ve been to Memphis and Nashville to have some. I had the Barbeque Belt, which had Memphis, Texas & Arkansas Ribs plus a brisket. Very tasty, and went well with the beers I tried: St. Bernardus (a Belgian), Gritty’s Black Fly Stout and Harpoon Triticus. Jill had a Ommegang Hennepin with her St. Louis Style Ribs. I especially enjoyed the spicy hot BBQ sauce (one of four choices). The only minor disappointment was I felt the hush puppies were too dry.

Afterwards, Jill and Joanna hung out in the downstairs bar (incorrectly described in the Frommer’s guidebook as the nosiy part), then the rest of us went on our Sky Bar adventure, taking the T down a stop and walking six blocks. On our return, we all met up at J.P. Licks for homemade ice cream. I had a mild bummer in that Jess got the last of the Bailey’s Cheesecake so I had the pistachio instead, which was very good. Jill did not like the potato pie at all (and I agree – too potato-y), but she had a second scoop of coconut almond chip. They’d been bar hopping while we’d been gone, and had a good time.

We returned to Chris and Jess’s place in Quincy, had some beers, but were wiped out, plus we had to get up early. I was up by 7:30 to get a shower, Jill got up around 8 and Chris took us to the airport. No delays this time and we were at Club Pet to pick up Illa just after noon (no charge for an extra day if we pick him up between 12 and 1). We came home and relaxed (or I did – Jill went to get her nails done). I got to enjoy some of the nice weather reading the paper on the deck in t-shirt and shorts. Later I watched TV for a while, catching up on my recorded stuff, now I’m surfing while Jill reads and cross stitches.