Comparison shopping gone to the dogs

This afternoon (Jill’s working now, and I went in early so I could leave for a couple hours) Jill and I went to three area kennels to check them out because we don’t want to leave Illa at the vet when we go on vacation (not enough attention or exercise). We went to Dulles Executive Pet Center (closest, but not so nice), Club Pet (very nice), and Dulles Gateway Kennels (ok, but pricier).

We decided to go with Club Pet, as Joyce (who runs the place) was very knowledgeable about malamutes and their needs. They have a la carte offerings of playtime, walks, and quiet time as well, and also had the friendliest staff of the three kennels.

We will give Illa a trial night there before we go, but other than that, just need to decide what things to give him (15 minutes playtime 2x, 30 minute walk 1x)?

We went to CiCi’s Pizza for lunch, a chain buffet place I go sometimes with co-workers, pretty decent pizza too (in the new area at the corner of 50 and 28). I gave Jill my car and she ran errands since her car was still in DC. She came back at 5:30 to give me the car and to hop a bus. Three bus rides later she was at work in a successful test of what she’ll do during school, and called me and seemed pretty happy about it.

I came home, reheated a steak and made creamed spinach, watched Smallville, Commander In Chief, last night’s Daily Show and Colbert Report and caught up through yesterday’s newspapers. Now all we need to do is watch those 4 hours of 24 tomorrow and we’ll be pretty much on schedule (yes, TV rules our life).