Today was nice, but over too fast.

Got up around noon, walked Illa and cooked some sausage to go with Jill’s quiche from last Sunday. Had a neurosoma appointment at 2, then went to Sears to use a gift card (2 pairs of jeans for $30), get gas at Costco, drop bills at the post office, and go shopping at Safeway.

You’d think we had enough food, but we had almost no fresh or frozen veggies or eggs. I reheated the ham from last Sunday (theme going here) and steamed some fresh asparagus while I made hollandaise sauce. Made up some hours from last week at work tonight – and I think I’ll have trouble making the other 32 this week. May have to come home in the middle of the day to let Illa out so I can work a long day.

Ok, time to walk Illa in the thunderstorm then go to bed.