Dogs and D’oh!

Saturday morning we met up with Lezlie from the Malamute rescue organization to check out some dogs. We met two, Illa and Tahoe, and felt an instant connection to Illa.

Here’s his description at the rescue site:
Illa (pronounced Eelah) means “friend” in the Inuit language. This young charmer would love to be your new friend! He is about a year old and can climb a six-foot fence. So he will either have to closely supervised in a fenced yard or always walked on lead. Which he would love — he thinks walks are the best!

He’s pretty active, but we’ll see how well he integrates into our house. We’re just fostering him for now, but we have the option to adopt. In addition to being active he’s a jumper, but that’s trainable. He’s due to arrive next Saturday.

After that, we stopped quickly at CD Cellar so I could browse a little and Jill got her caffeine fix at the coffee place upstairs, then she drove me to my Neurosoma (since I would’ve been late otherwise). Next, we had a late lunch at the Old Dominion brewpub (pizza and salad), then home while I napped and she read (should’ve been the other way around, but oh well).

She went off to work and I was supposed to go to the Paul & Storm show at Jammin’ Java. I was trying to get their performances at FRFF on DVD and didn’t make it out the door until 8. No big deal, I thought – their opening act won’t finish until 8:45. I even stopped at Books-a-Million to look for the new Entertainment Weekly (I let my subscription run out) and got to Jammin’ Java around 8:40. Only to discover that they had gone on at 7 and were done (and they were their own opening act). I handed Paul the DVD, got an iced tea, and went to Tyson’s Corner. I was looking for the Borders, but it’d moved – although I did remember seeing it near the place we went for Jill’s birthday. No Entertainment Weekly there either – I ended up finding it at a 7-11 near home (I couldn’t find the one with the Harry Potter cover, but it gave me online access to it). I played with more DVD stuff for a while before reading the Post and going to bed.

Today, Jill’s still sleeping, and I read today’s Post and cleaned the office, a task I’d been dreading. I think I’ll have to wake her up now, then we’ll have dinner.