Jesus Saves (White Trash Like You)

The weekend started slow – Jill decided to make pulled pork sandwiches with the crockpot, and picked up coleslaw makings on the way home. I should have picked up mayo, because it wasn’t quite right made with chipotle mayo. The sandwiches were tasty, though. We mostly read, and I caught up on the Daily Show.

Saturday we both had errands to run. Jill had to work Saturday night, and didn’t want to go to the Potomac Celtic Festival in the afternoon, so she read downstairs and I watched TV (“The Inside” was pretty decent). I made BBQ sauce (I had given her 2 recipes to try Friday, and I was intrigued enough by the one she didn’t use to try it the next day), and I grilled spare ribs for dinner.

After she left for work, I went to Celebrate Fairfax. I caught the last song by the Smithereens and some nice fireworks before I sat down. Rick Springfield drew quite a crowd, and they were screaming for him by the time he came out. The only time they weren’t was towards the end of his set where he said “the next song is Jesus Saves (White Trash Like You)”. Then some were screaming at him (and one guy waving a chair) and a steady stream of older people walked out. Last song of the set was of course “Jessie’s Girl”, and about half the crowd left after that. The encore was fine, though. I was surprised how many of the songs he did I remembered.

Sunday I went to Arlington for the Crystal City Street Fair, to showcase the changes to Crystal Drive (lots more restaurants). I met for brunch with some people off the Paul and Storm (from Da Vinci’s Notebook) list at the Marriot (eventually – there’s 3 Marriots in Crystal City), then walked over to the concert. It was hot, but it was Da Vinci’s Notebook’s only public show of the year, and well worth it. Apparently they do some private shows and ended the first set with the “business lyrics” of their Motown medley (“I’ve got the sales group on a cloudy day”). There was plenty of bantering, but my favorite moment was when they got a guy on stilts (who they’d been having fun with) to lead the conga line during “Jump In The Line” (y’know, the song from “Beetlejuice”).

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy was up next. I hadn’t seen them before, and they were swinging. I was amused that instead of a mosh pit, there was a swing pit. There was also a small stage next to them where some couples would dance (including some incredibly talented ones). I had brought chairs, but got too hot, put the chairs in the car, and walked around. I scooted during their last song to make it over to Mom’s. Sharon was in town, and we took the opportunity to celebrate Mom’s birthday and Father’s Day. Of course I helped Dad fix the garage door, fixed some computer problems, then grilled the burgers and dogs (at least I know I won’t be grilling for a crowd next Sunday to make it 3 weeks in a row). We had fun, but called it a night around 9 as we were tuckered out.