Stoopid Livejournal

Melanie had kindly created a feed from my blog there, but it stopped working 7 weeks ago. She just pointed it out to me (I was of course oblivious – if I saw it at the original URL it must be good).

It was getting a weird parsing error, and I figured it out (with the help of and some Google searches). The error was on the content:encoded tag around the bulk of the text in my entry (basically to tell the parser to ignore any html). I found out by browsing the source code repository that they switched from looking at the description tag to the content:encoded tag if available because a number of feeds have an excerpt in the first one, and complete text in the second (as detailed in this bug report). So it was an error in my template before, just that Livejournal had ignored that part of it until recently (I did find it interesting that the code changed last September, but didn’t go into production until April).

Once I fixed it, I thought I was done – until I looked at what it was like on Livejournal (sorry about the mess on your friends list, Melanie). I just changed my RSS template again so now it’s just what you’d see at my site (minus the comments, unless anyone thinks it should be different).

Livejournal feed here.

3 thoughts on “Stoopid Livejournal”

  1. Comments were in the first pass. I changed it to remove them since the formatting was so ugly (this post over there has no comments). I’m not sure if I should add them back or not – the entries themselves aren’t cutm so they can take up a lot of space.

  2. Thanks! For whatever reason, when I first tried to add your RSS feed it didn’t work, so I’ve been browsing from here. This time it really worked. 🙂


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