Random thoughts from the last week

We went to see the Bobs last night. They did an a cappella version of Gershwin’s “Rhapsody In Blue” (with a piano accompanist). I thought it was the best thing they’d ever done, Jill thought it was the worst. Guess we don’t have the same taste after all.

I’ve done two sessions of the new “boot camp” my company’s offering, and I’m very sore, especially in the quads and upper arms. I think I’m going to keep doing it, so I need to pay $120 next week for the equipment.

We went to see Angie Aparo on Thursday. He now has a full band, and he really rocked the place. The new songs are good, can’t wait to get my hands on them.

I make a pretty tasty chicken and pasta with pesto. Last weekend, I found a basil pesto at Costco that’s nearly a dead ringer for my cilantro pesto. Brought the prep time down from 2.5 hours to 1 hour. And it still was tasty.

I hadn’t been inside Costco in a while (mostly just get gas, Jill goes inside). I found some good food, including some tasty low carb chicken ravioli. My favorite purchase was chicken sausage with feta and spinach. That’s very good.

Last Sunday, the family got together to celebrate my dad’s birthday. We had steaks outside at the picnic table, and it felt like meals we’d had years ago.