Out and About

We were unexpectedly social on Saturday. Jill had started prepping dinner when Rusty called. He and his wife live in Richmond, but had driven to Baltimore for the day to check out the aquarium. Jill put dinner on hold and we met them for an early dinner at Clyde’s. Jill had the steak, and I had the steak salad (and my glass of Guinness).

It was early because we went to see Getaway Car at Jammin’ Java. We forgot it wasn’t a weeknight, and didn’t plan on it only taking four minutes to get from Tyson’s to Vienna. Oh well, we got great seats. We got a table on the balcony, and Linda and her friend Sue and her friend Debbie showed up as well. I continued enjoying Irish beer, since Jill was driving and they had Harp.

Sunday I went to my favorite CD store, the CD Cellar, to scope out their clearance section before heading to the Freer. I was going to a talk on graphic novels; originally it was to feature Will Eisner and Frank Miller. After Will passed on, Paul Pope was added. When I arrived, I was given a sheet of paper that said Frank had taken sick suddenly (although I suspect last minute “Sin City” edits), and I heard some people left. I wasn’t too upset, as I had met and heard Frank talk, but had never seen Paul Pope. It was an insightful discussion and well worth the $15 (they halved the cost ’cause Frank couldn’t make it).

Once I got home Jill revealed her special recipe: a creamy guacamole sauce that the chicken had been marinating in the past day – very tasty when grilled with some salad. We got through most of Alias before Simpsons, then finished before Deadwood. Then we went to bed, because we both had to get up early – and I should be getting there myself.