Weekend so far

Has been pretty damn good.

Friday Sharon and Forrest came over and we went out to eat at Don Pablo’s, then watched “Waiting For Guffman” at home. I prefer “Best In Show” and “Spinal Tap”, but it’s still a good one.

Saturday we went early to Annapolis, went wandering around the harbor before we met up with Dad for dinner. We went to a seafood and ribs place (I had the seafood buffet, Jill had ribs) and had a nice view while we caught up with Dad. We still had time to kill before the show, so we went to Sean Donlon’s, an Irish bar next to the Rams Head. A real neighborhood establishment, we enjoyed a pint (Guiness for her, Smithwicks for me) before the show.

The show was great, Mark and Gary have voices that are good separately, but amazing when together. I loved all the songs they performed from “Hollywood Town Hall” and “Tomorrow The Green Grass”, CDs I play over and over and never thought I’d hear the orginal harmonies on again (Gary kept the Jayhawks going after Mark left in 1995, but never recaptured the feel of those albums).

Today I’ve been catching up on TV and newspapers. I was considering seeing Motley Crue tonight, but I think I’d rather get a lawn ticket for them in August when they come with Sum 41.