Furniture follies

Nice show from efo Saturday night. Roads were a little tricky until we got to Alexandria, where they only had a couple inches of snow. I’m not a big fan of the Birchmere’s food, but as long as you stick to the sandwiches and pizza, it’s not bad, so we did. I had the chicken club amd Jill had the steak po’ boy. We’ll go back to see the Pat McGee Band there in February, but for the Jayhawks tour in March, we’re going to see them at the Rams Head in Annapolis since they’re there on a Saturday. Driving back was better, more plows had gotten out.

Jill made breakfast both days this weekend – a first! Huevos rancheros on Saturday, and egg sandwiches on Sunday while I got ready. I went to Home Depot to pick up some bolts and a drill bit set (I only had 5 drill bits), then I had neurosoma. I got back right after the football game started, and finished off the bookcases (drilling holes for connecting, installing shelves, etc.). At halftime, we started the big move. We moved the TV to the coffee table, then I disassembled the hutch (didn’t realize how much rat poop would be under there).

I started moving the bookcases together then realized something horrible – when I measured, I hadn’t allowed for the molding on the baseboards, and I was off by nearly two inches. One of Jill’s suggestions was to put the CD towers diagonally, so I did that, and it looks ok. Then I bolted the remaining bookcase together, and we put the TV on top of the middle two. Finally turned it back on only to see that the game had two minutes to go and the Eagles had totally dominated the second half.

I took a break from furniture to grill steaks while Jill made a salad, then started a fire before we ate. I thought the second game would be a closer contest, but should have known the Steelers’ offense would have problems after they struggled last week. I caught up on newspapers while Jill read a mystery. She went to bed around 10, and I started wiring. I stopped around 2, mostly done, and finished off the Sunday paper. I’m dragging today, and of course my eBay auctions end after midnight, so I can’t go to bed until they’re done.

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  1. I blame Pesto. 😉

    Only problem is there’s rat pee stains visible now – have to go after them with a carpet cleaner.

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