Nice party last night, good crowd. We were supposed to start at 6, but the first guests didn’t show until after 7, which was good, because we were running about an hour and a half behind. The basement did not get tackled as far as setting up the new stuff, but every other room was cleaned and made spiffy.

This year we ran out of the hot appetizers, where last year we had lots left over. Still a fair amount of chips left, and soda. This year we ended up with a surplus of wine instead of beer, but Jill’s happy about that. We had a good mixture of friends show up, although oddly no one from our respective workplaces showed.

Today we ran by Roomstore because Jill won a $500 gift certificate. And she won that bed and breakfast trip about this time last year. I told her next year we’re playing the lottery big time.

We also hit Michael’s (more frames for me, stocking decorating supplies for her), Best Buy (decided on a Sony 50″ LCD TV, but found a better price), and Safeway (only got party supplies yesterday, got some food for the week, including steaks for tonight). Gonna watch the game tonight, so I don’t think I’ll do anything in the basement – I’ll read the paper and pay bills instead. Oh, and I just ordered the TV.