Dear Nissan Pavilion

Thank you for not using those weird video effects on the screens last night, but could ya quit it with the zooming in and out and overlaying two shots on each other? You don’t get it – those screens are for those of us who forgot to bring our binoculars, and I just want to see the band. That reminds me – when doing a closeup of a guitarist’s hand, if they aren’t picking, I don’t want to see it. Show the fretboard only! Grumble.

I got a call on the way there, one of the guys I had contacted about a ticket would meet me there (and sell me a $30 ticket for $20). I got there, but he was late, and I missed 25 minutes of Dream Theater – although I did hear it all, since I was next to the main gate.

Dream Theater were as impressive as ever. I thought the setlist was a little questionable (with most of the tracks off the last three albums, two of which were concept albums, and none of their hits), but they pulled it off admirably, stitching the songs together.

Yes was good, but I was most impressed by the set, like a Roger Dean painting come to life, all huge inflatable multicolored animals. And Alan White’s drum kit was surrounded by extra drums that lit up, very cool when they staggered the lights. The previous time I’d seen them was with an orchestra at Wolf Trap, and they had no decorations at all. The set was good, especially the acoustic set in the middle.