Busy, busy, busy

Start with Friday (logical, eh?). We missed the opener (apparently a cover band, no originals, so no great loss) at Friday Night Live. dada was good, even though I didn’t know any of their new songs. It was perfect weather for an outdoor show, luckily a theme that repeated itself throughout the weekend. After we got back, we were up until 2 finishing the invitations.

Saturday we slept in, Jill not so mush since she had an appointment. When she got back, we mailed all the invitations out, and were much relieved. We headed down to DC for Live On Penn. I hadn’t seen Old 97s before, but I’d seen their singer solo twice, and was looking forward to a good show – they did not disapoint. Eve 6 was ok, we left after 4 songs. We watched the SNL Best of Will Ferrell V2 – funny stuff, wondered what’s in volume 1.

Sunday, Jill really slept in, getting up around 2. We had some breakfast, (steak and eggs for me, cereal for her), then headed off to Nissan Pavilion. We went early, as our friend Linda was tailgating with her friend Sue. That was fun, especially Sue’s jello shooters. We got to our excellent seats (8th row, thanks fan club) just before 7 – just enough time to see a little of Galactic before DMB. Or so I thought – everything was running late, and we saw most of Galactic’s set, DMB came on just before 8:30.

I’ve seen DMB 21 times now (and Dave & Tim 4 times and Dave solo once), including 7 times at Nissan, and last night was certainly on of the finest perforances I’ve seen from them. I was expecting the four new songs (they’ve played them every night of the tour so far), but I wasn’t expecting two songs off “Under The Table and Dreaming” AND four songs off “Crash”, including long jams on “Jimi Thing” and “Two Step” (which Jill was hoping for). I was hoping they’d play “Ants Marching”. They did, but last, and if there’s one thing I never do at Nissan, it’s stick around for the last song (I’ve got better things to do than sit in a parking lot for 2+ hours).

Today, we ran wedding errands (rented my tux accessories, picked out a ring for me), dropped my car off to get lubed and inspected, and made dinner. After Jill left for work, I finished the paper and my monthly comics shipment, then I got back on the computer. I’m still getting the software and hardware ready for it to be my main machine for a while, plus I had to catch up on email and surfing.