This week’s shows

Last night we were supposed to see Fleetwood Mac, but they cancelled because Stevie Nicks is having some kind of vocal cord problem. The thing that pisses me off is those were some of the tickets we bought as part of a package, and they’re only going to refund a sixth of the package price, even though those tickets cost twice as much if you bought them through Ticketmaster. Grrr.

Tonight is Velvet Revolver at the 9:30 Club with Living Things opening. Velvet Revolver is the supergroup made up of former Guns N’ Roses members Slash, Duff McKagan and Matt Sorum, former Stone Temple Pilots singer Scott Weiland, and guitarist Dave Kushner, who’s played in bands with Duff and Dave Navarro. Slash, Duff and Matt auditioned hundreds of singers early last year, before choosing Weiland, and it’s a smart choice – he’s one of the few singers that can stand up to their ferocious assault. I’m really looking forward to this show (even though I still have to unload a ticket).

Tomorrow, Jill and I head down to Richmond to see our buds in emmet swimming play Friday Cheers with Pennyshaker opening. First full band show since January, and apparently Richmond draws a good crowd. We’ll stay in Richmond, probably with my friend Oran.

Saturday we’ll go to Virginia Beach. We’ll sun ourselves for a while, get some dinner, then I’ll drop Jill off at the hotel and go see Rush. They’re dropping a new EP comprised entirely of covers at the end of June, and last night (the tour kickoff) dropped four of them into their set, playing full covers for the first time in nearly 30 years. I’m pretty psyched for this show as well.