More hairless beasts!

Monday Jill and I went to see our friends Ron and Susan. We hadn’t seen them for a while due to so employment issues, but they’re doing much better now. Anyway, they’ve had guinea pigs as long as I’ve known them, and Jill is an ex pig owner herself, so it’s always a topic of discussion. Imagine our surprise as instead of the 2 guinea pigs we were expecting, there were 10! And 2 rabbits!

They are boarding them temporarily for a lady who runs a pig and rabbit rescue operation and is fostering them – she’s trying to sell her house. The shocker was the 3 skinny pigs, also known as hairless guinea pigs. They immediately reminded me of larger version of the hairless rats Mel used to have. They’re very warm to the touch, and just tufts of hair on the snout and feet. Jill and Susan think we should adopt some – I think they’re cute, but we should only have them if it happens naturally.

2 thoughts on “More hairless beasts!”

  1. “…we should only have them if it happens naturally.”

    And this is where I completely lost it and laughed so hard I snorted.

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