This week’s shows

Tonight, Angie Aparo of the amazing range (can’t think of another guy who can sing so high) with Willy Porter at the Birchmere

Friday and Saturday, Robbie Schaefer from Eddie From Ohio is playing two shows at Jammin’ Java to celebrate his new solo live CD. His band mate Mike Clem opens Friday (which is why Jill will be joining me that day).

One of the reasons I love Jammin’ Java is the Brindley Brothers own and run it. In addition to being really nice, they run the place with a loose hand. It’s one of the few places indoors that will allow me to videotape shows (with the artist’s permission of course). I usually ask before each show – I’ve videotaped Robbie several times there. I have not taped Mike before; after I emailed Robbie, I emailed Mike, and got the following:

“gee, i was getting a little jealous there…. like a lonely matchstick girl peering in the donut shop window at the fresh baked goods with but two pence to my name…

Permission granted. Please use the soft lens on me. The camera adds ten pounds, right?”

I expect more of the same at the show.