Midpoint stop

We’re in Canada at Whistler. We’ve skiied three days, two on Blackcomb and one on Whistler. We took yesterday off and went on a dog sled ride. I think the pictures came out well, but I’ll know for sure when we get back. I did Blackcomb today, we’re planning on doing Whistler tomorrow.

They’ve got a special deal at Whistler called “Fresh Tracks”, where you’re allowed on the morning an hour and fifteen minutes before everyone else. You get a breakfast buffet, and when avalanche control is done, you can start skiing in the fresh powder. The forecast calls for a foot of snow on Thursday, should be great.

The food and skiing are fabulous, and the group we’re with is a lot of fun. Last night we celebrated Mardi Gras at a club here (Maxx Fish) with a zydeco band. We had Italian last night, we’ve also had Mexican and tapas. Tonight, the offical ski club dinner is Thai, but we might do sushi instead.

We’ve had a bit of bad luck in the club; one lady broke her wrist on the first run (we were an hour and a half into it). She’s skiing again, but yesterday a guy tore his ACL, and he’s done. Hopefully these bad things won’t come in threes.