Weekend wrapup

Decent weekend. Chris Whitley was his usual crazed self Friday – I was disappointed they didn’t have either of his new cds available. The bad part of the evening was discovering my tire going flat after the show, due to a horrendous pothole on Lawyers Road. It held air ok for the ride home (and I was able to find my hubcap).

Saturday I was going skiing until the ice on the slopes quashed that idea. I accompanied Jill to the Mall where we met up with one of her cousins, Justin, and his family. We went to the National Museum of American History for lunch, then checked out a couple exhibits (including the new Beatles one, natch). Saturday night, Jill worked, and first I put the spare tire on the car and unclogged the kitchen sink, then went to Sterling Cinema Draft to see Getaway Car. I never knew you could have an office chair mosh pit. A nice place to have a show, the wait staff were great and they had a lot of beers on tap. And it’s 10 minutes from me. Hope they get more good acts.

Sunday, I helped out as a volunteer in the Herndon Festival, working on some contracts for the musicians performing. Caught up on my tv shows and the newspaper, watched some of the Grammys, made some Buffalo wings. Didn’t make it to bed until 1:30, but I was up ’til 3:30 the night before.