Wednesday TV

Some excellent TV last night.

Smallville had Clark lose his sight temporarily, and try on glasses for the first time while his sight was recovering. The FOTW storyline was ok – I thought it was weird that the FOTW was apparently killed, rather than saved by Clark. Aside from Clark with the glasses, the best thing was the ongoing Luthors plot – Clark’s new super hearing let him eavesdrop on Chloe’s conversation with Lionel Luthor. Clark let Lex know what his father was doing, then Lex confronted his father, using quotes from the phone call Chloe had with Lionel. Lionel assumed Chloe had turned on him, got her and her dad fired. Should be interesting where the subplots go from here.

Angel had Spike following in Angel’s footsteps as champion, but prompted by Lindsey, while Lindsey’s partner Eve put some kind of soul sucker on Angel. Not sure why Lindsey had Spike save Angel, especially now that the gang suspects Eve. Great scenes: the Miami Vice moment, Angel as the mail boy, the blue fairy. Apparently by a first time writer – good ep.

Daily Show was very funny eviscerating W’s State Of The Union address. Jon Stewart just gets better and better. Jon McCain was a great guest.