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Saturday, January 31st, 2015

Monday December 3rd I went to Nina’s ballet “recital” (one dance to “Let It Go”), then that night she started working blue:
Let it go,
let it go,
poop in your pants



Saturday the 6th the best thing about my 20th Dar Williams show was all the songs I hadn’t heard live before, thanks to her playing The Honesty Room straight through (with 2 accompianists and only 4 other songs in the set). Plus we got to tell her how weird it was seeing her play “Iowa” without a hill full of lights (and that Chris Chin was sorry he couldn’t make it, but she already knew that). And we finally got frickles again thanks to the Del Ray Pizzeria (who also makes a mean burger). Sunday Nina had a great time at Kidz Plaza for Olivia G.’s birthday party.

Jill Dar Kerry

Tuesday the 9th Jill joined Nina’s class for their annual trip to Discovery Theatre in D.C. for the play “Season of Lights.” That night was my last concert of the year as I snuck away to Jammin’ Java between dinner time and bedtime to see Winterpills. Their new covers CD is good, as are the new songs they debuted. And a brand new thing happened as they were the first concert I saw in 2014 as well. Thursday morning Nina made up new verses to “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?”:
Mosquito, Mosquito, what do you see?
I see a Blackbird looking at me.


Saturday the 13th was our annual holiday party. Nina had a small cold and cough (but not enough to keep her running around like a maniac at gymnastics earlier) and 7 kids showed up, she had a blast. Wednesday morning Nina wanted toast, then a biscuit, then more toast. On my way back from making the 2nd piece of toast, I noticed tiny little bite marks on the stick of butter. She told me she was hungry. #mydaughterisabutterfiend


Nina loves Red Light/Green Light and sometimes we play it in the car. We came up with Purple Light, which means we can dance at long lights. Now Nina likes to call for both Green Light and Purple Light as we walk to school. Luckily we don’t see many people on the path in the morning (like Friday morning).


Saturday the 20th we left for Christmas vacation. The trip north was long, but when we decided to stop for pizza in New Haven, we went to Pepe’s. Good decision (and there’s a playground a block away). Only the 2nd time we’ve come up through New York City in all the years we’ve been coming up.


It was an exhausting yet fun week, with all of us gone through various states of sickness – Nina to the doctor on Monday, and Jill to the ER on Christmas Eve (she was OK, just sinusitis that spread to the ear and eye). Sunday we were at Jill’s dad’s for lunch and Christmas we were at the Brady’s for dinner, and the Cannons came out to visit on Monday. Nina was especially excited to spend time with Ava, her youngest cousin.


We managed to extend our streak of holiday eves spent in the ER to 2 when Nina had an allergic reaction on New Year’s Eve (stoopid Breyers). But she was thankfully ok.