New NIN free

And no, it’s not exactly like the way Radiohead tried it with pay what you like. There’s four volumes, each running nearly 30 minutes, of instrumental music. You can get a digital download of the whole thing for $5 or get the CD (including digital) for $10, or try the first volume for free, all here.

I decided to try it, since although I loved With Teeth, Year Zero left me colder with its non-organic feel (although I loved hearing about Trent leaking tracks himself by leaving flash drives in bathrooms). The new stuff is good, though to me it’s not really NIN without Trent singing, but I’ll probably pick it up – it’ll be good chill out music (the opposite effect most NIN music has on me).

Movies I’ve watched, week nine

15. Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties
Ok, not very high concept, predictable take on Twain (with a Dickens title), but I heard that Bill Murray was pretty entertaining and he was. Billy Connolly adds some ham (and a nice dose of slapstick at the end), and there’s a fine herd of animal voices (Tim Curry, Bob Hoskins, Richard E. Grant, Vinnie Jones – prefect as a Doberman). The only one out of place is Jennifer Love Hewitt, but she doesn’t have a huge role. C+


If you read this blog, you know I like my Wii. But one of the main reasons I bought it was for Wii Fit, now targeted for release in May. The interviews with its creators reveals that it ships with skiing and snowboarding games, which I was hoping they’d have for it soon. Those have always been some of my favorite things to do in an arcade (video clips are embedded in the interviews). There’s a third party game called We Ski also coming out this spring, but I’ll probably just stick to the Wii Fit first. Also interesting to find out is the shape of the Wii Balance Board is based on its origin of two scales mushed together (based on the idea that sumo wrestlers weigh themselves with two). There’s also a hula hoop game and a jogging game you can play while watching TV.

A weekend on the computer

The usual Friday – a quick dinner (black bean soup with chicken). followed by an early bedtime for Jill. I was up for a while, cleaning up after Illa (the second day of some major intestinal distress), then playing some Super Mario.

Saturday was a busy day for me of posting DVDs on, all the ones that have been or will be released. That took quite a while, then I made an alfredo sauce to go with the stuffed ravioli we had, I did it by taste and Jill called it my best yet. I started a fire after dinner and we read together until it went out.

Today I took Illa for a long outing, then Jill wanted to take me to breakfast at Waffle King’s Virginia Kitchen. It’s a Herndon tradition, but we rarely go out to eat locally – I like to cook, and we usually go out somewhere distant where I can’t. It was very good, I had the banana nut french toast while Jill had a pecan waffle. I finished reading papers on the porch, then spent all afternoon on the computer again, this time starting another series of auctions. I cooked ribs for dinner, came out very juicy after being basted with BBQ sauce while cooking. I spent the rest of the night shipping out packages – I sold nearly 20 in 24 hours.