Started having scratchy throat Saturday night, and it got worse yesterday. Went out and got the tree anyway with Jill. Then she went to work, and I read the paper and started work on my annual music compilation.

Today I stayed home, since I’d brought my laptop in case of inclement weather. The only places we hadn’t cleaned were the office and the basement, and I couldn’t work in the office as it was, so I spent a couple hours working on it before it was done. That made me only halfway done with work before Jill got up, so I took my “lunch” break and heated up a turkey dinner for us, then walked the dog and went back to work. Finished up around 9, then went back to work on the music.

Feeling better (lots of liquid and vitamin C), will be back at work tomorrow.

Creature Comforts

Creature Comforts is hilarious. From the creators of Wallace and Gromit, it puts their distinctive animation on “man on the street” interviews in England. Fridays at 11 on BBC America.

Finally something to watch on BBC America besides Monty Python and Blackadder reruns. I gave up on them getting the new Doctor Who and ordered it from (and the new UK editions of Neil Gaiman’s books). Don’t know when I’ll find time to watch it, but the box is really nice (when you unfold it, it looks like the insides of the TARDIS).

Dog training, Dead, and cleaning/turkey

Thursday was our first dog training class. Most helpful thing was a training collar that has cut down on his pulling on the leash quite a bit. We’re practicing his new commands every day (this week: sit, look, touch my hand, and leave it).

Friday I went out with Stuart to catch Phil Lesh (ex Grateful Dead) & Friends. Stuart is a big Phil Lesh fan, but I wanted to go because he had Chris Robinson from the Black Crowes on vocals, and I thought that’d be cool (I missed the Black Crowes tour where they had Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin on guitar). And it was a fun show – besides the first part of the second set being a bit slow. A bunch of great covers including the Beatles “Don’t Let Me Down” during the encore. Afterwards Jill joined us for a late dinner at Amphora.

We didn’t get back until 1, but then finished cleaning and vacuuming, as the carpet cleaners were scheduled to be here at 8AM. They were here by 8:30, and the place looks a lot better. I started thawing a turkey before we’d gone to bed, and cooked it (using a modification on the high heat method) during the day while Jill ran errands. We caught up on Desperate Housewives (3 episodes) and are now behind only on Lost (3 eps) and Alias (1 ep).

Free tix!

To The Chronicles of Narnia next Wednesday! Cool, because that’s on the must see list. Of course so’s Harry Potter, but we’ve only made it through one movie. At least there’s no previous movie for Narnia (until they make one of The Magician’s Nephew). And I’m hoping Lucy doesn’t have an underbite (shout out to all you BBC fans).

And free helps, since I just bought Queen tix (lower priced ones) for March, along with airline tix to Boston to see them the next night there (and spend the weekend with good friends Chris and Jess).