Weekend shows

So, two shows this past weekend – one better than I expected, one worse.

Saturday, John Jennings was billed as John Jennings and Friends, but no friends ever showed – no one played the baby grand they had on stage. I like his music, but don’t think I want an evening of just him again. On the bright side, Tracy Grammer was fabulous. She played a short set, but it was good. She switched from guitar to mandolin to violin (“I asked to borrow a violin, and they sent me one worth $10000”). She was accompanied by Jim Henry, who I thought was much better than Donnie Wright (who was accompaning her when we saw her at Falcon Ridge last summer).

Friday, I had asked Todd from emmet to make sure I could videotape. When we got to the 9:30 club, they had VIP passes waiting for us so we could sit in the reserved seating section below the top bar. In 3 years of working at record stores, I had plenty of free shows at the 9:30, but never a VIP pass. It meant we could sit on bar stools the whole show – very cool. The opener was Don Dixon and friends, pretty good, but I didn’t know any of their music (Kerry’s concert rule #1 – The better you know the music, the better the show is).

The emmet swimming show was amazing. Part of it was the guests. Dave Connelly from Ebo played percussion during “Hey Jesse” (and did a fabulous 80s dance during “Sunblock”, including doing “The Worm’ across the stage), while Don Dixon sang backup during “Birdman Of Columbia” (from the album he produced), but the surprise of the night was Todd Baker from Cravin’ Dogs. He added amazing texture to the 7 songs he sat in on. The show ended at 2AM, but I wasn’t ready for it to end.

3 Hour Delay

So I got a call this morning from Stuart. He told me the line of people to take the bus to the Metro at the parking garage I park at was about a half mile long, and not even think about coming in for a while. I took his advice, cleaned off my car and Jill’s space, and started working from home. I went in 3 hours late (I need my T1 fix).

Favorite comment (from ABC-7’s site with news about a sports utility vehicle that drove off Interstate 66, went through a fence and overturned on the tracks): Instead of complaining about Metro Officials this time, perhaps all of the Orange Line Commuters should be given an opportunity to beat the snot out of the SUV driver.

Breaking news

So happy Coach Gibbs is back where he belongs. I know Snyder has tried a lot of things, but this is the best move he’s made since he’s been here.

My software company has been purchased by a Canadian software company (eh?). It had to be done soon – being owned by one of the “Big 5” consulting companies was hurting us under new SEC rules. It remains to be seen how this affects me and my coworkers; most of our stock options (that weren’t underwater) will be transferred, but they weren’t due to vest for a while.

I’ve also updated my home page.

This week’s shows

Friday, emmet swimming at the 9:30 club with Don Dixon opening (Dixon produced their third album, Arlington To Boston, along with a number of alternative bands, including R.E.M. and Moxy Fruvous).

Saturday, John Jennings at the Barns Of Wolf Trap with Tracy Grammer opening. It’s billed as “John Jennings and friends”, so you don’t know what you’re gonna get. We went last year and thought maybe members of Eddie From Ohio would show (he’s on their new live album), maybe other members of Mary Chapin-Carpenter’s band (Jon Carroll did). Who else did perform? Sissy Spacek (doing backup vocals for her daughter). Go figure.


A fine weekend, with outstanding weather (hard to believe I was outside in T-shirt and shorts in today’s cold rain, but I digress).

Friday I read Cerebus comics while Jill studied for a nursing exam; 150 down, 150 to go.

Saturday we went to a happy hour at Baileys in Ballston with some of the folks we’re going sking with in February at Whistler. I had a fine Shiner Bock. Jill had to work later, so I went to Sterling Cinema Draft to see Kill Bill V1 with some friends. I missed it the first time around, and was glad to catch it before Volume 2 comes out in April (although if Quentin thinks I buying Volume 1 on DVD, he’s as crazy as the Wachowski brothers – from now on, I’m waiting and buying the set when they’re done). I had a Pyramid Hefenweisen and a chicken and bacon salad. Yum! After that, I went to the Barefoot Pelican in Sterling, to see Piece By Piece. A buddy of mine, Stuart, is playing guitar for them now. They played classic rock, R&B, blues and originals for a couple sets. I sat with Stuart’s fan club in back; we shared a couple pitchers of Dominion Ale.

Sunday, I went with my mom & dad to the new National Air and Space Museum annex. A lot of great aircraft, but the Space Shuttle Enterprise and SR-71 Blackbird were particularly memorable. When we were done, we went to my house for dinner – an appetizer feast, everything we had in the freezer but hadn’t used for any of our December parties. No one complained, though – it was fast and good.


Hi, and welcome to my blog. I didn’t have a lot of New Year’s resolutions (doesn’t everyone resolve to lose 10 pounds?), but two I intend to keep: exercise more, and update my website. The most frequently updated part up to now was the concert list, which lists every concert I’ve been to, setlists if I’ve got them, and future shows. That will get a facelift in the next couple months, as I’m moving it to database driven instead of hand coded. I’ve been reading friend’s Livejournals, and have been inspired to start my own, but using Movable Type (what’s the point in having your own domain, and free Perl & MySQL if you don’t use them). Credit must go to danker for the idea.

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