Sick Irish weekend

Jill was sick last week, so on Friday my nose started running, of course (despite frequent doses of Airborne and Cold-Eeze). We didn’t have extravagant plans, though. I went grocery shopping and we had french onion soup (canned with me adding the bread and cheese, not bad) and Safeway’s house Chicken Kiev (on sale, pretty decent). No Super Mario this weekend (although Jill’s picking up the slack), I just tried to catch up on the paper Friday night.

Saturday it was lovely, made some bacon and eggs for breakfast and Illa and I went outside on the deck for hours. We had tix to the Shamrockfest or else we mighta skipped it, but we headed over to RFK. I’d told Jill it was like the HFStival, but she must have missed the part where I added the parking lot part only, as she’d thought there was somewhere to sit. There wasn’t and with the weather turning cold and wet and all the obnoxious drunks, she became progressively less happy as the evening progressed, and I wasn’t enjoying it as much as I’d like with my cold. Still we caught good sets from Love Seed Mama Jump and Carbon Leaf. I regretted leaving before Great Big Sea, but not so much as it was raining steadily on the ride home (plus they’re playing a co-bill with efo at Wolf Trap in August). I made a bean and bacon soup when we got home, it hit the spot.

Carbon Leaf at Shamrockfest

Sunday wasn’t quite as nice as Saturday, plus I had a lot of work to do. I had a new series of auctions to start (only 67) plus packaging, invoicing and shipping the ones from last week that ended. And I still found time to go out and read the paper on the deck with Illa in the afternoon, plus make a corned beef dinner. I know St. Patrick’s Day is tomorrow, but Jill’s working late and thought she’d appreciate it more tonight – I don’t mind, we’ll just have Reubens tomorrow. Hopefully the cold will be gone by then as well.

Crow Mac, Non? Man!

Ok, it’s no secret that I like Sheryl Crow and Fleetwood Mac. So the news that she’s going to possibly take over Christine McVie’s spot in the band is awesome news. I’ve seen Fleetwood Mac twice, once with Christine McVie and once without, and while I’m enough of a Lindsey Buckingham fan to see him in any incarnation, they were better with more voices doing the harmonies. I think this could be a great live show.

So in 2008 we’ve got some good shows to look forwards to: Rush, Extreme (possibly touring with Aerosmith) and Robert Plant with Alison Krauss. Queen with Paul Rodgers maybe this year, maybe in 2009 (should be an announcement next week, but it could be only shows in Europe for now), then also in 2009 Led Zeppelin is a possibility when Alison Krauss gets back with Union Station, and now we’ve got Fleetwood Mac on tap. Nice.

Red light bargains

I’ll be honest – I used to like Eliot Spitzer. He had a great record of cleaning up on Wall Street as attorney general of New York, but he wasn’t making much national news since he ran for governor and won. Until now, of course.

But I won’t talk about him anymore now that he’s proven to be as much a hypocrite as any he railed against. No, I want to talk about “Kristen”, also know as Miss $2150 an hour. She apparently is an aspiring singer, with her own MySpace page (which may or not be up when you read this. Record executives weren’t kind:
I think her song is absolutely terrible. If people are interested in signing her, then they shouldn’t be in the music business.

She’s also got her tracks up at, which in itself is an fascinating portrait of internet interest as the site sells MP3s without DRM via variable pricing, ranging from free to $.98 based on current demand. Current price for these two songs? $.98 each, that’s $1.96 for both – a little over $18 an hour, not bad considering her prices for other services.

Movies I’ve watched, week ten

16. V – The Original Miniseries
I was a science fiction fan from a young age – the first movie I remember seeing was Star Wars. But the good guys and bad guys were clear cut, and the miniseries was the first thing I watched to introduce ethics, politics and morality, much like Battlestar Galactica does today. I wanted to watch it again because soon I’ll be reading the new book from series creator Kenneth Johnson, V: The Second Generation. The miniseries is a little dated in some ways (the FX is a product of its time), but it holds up. Shot in widescreen, the acting is decent, and the makeup is very good. I’ll probably watch the other miniseries and the TV show at some point and maybe re-read the books, but the new book only considers the first miniseries canon. B+

17. Borat
I wasn’t avoiding this, but I’m not a fan of the awkward humor of the Office or confrontational humor like Punk’d, and I was afraid this would be a mix of those. I actually found it closer to The Daily Show’s clueless interviewers, and it was pretty funny. B-

18. TMNT
I felt obligated to watch since I’ve got a friend who’s a big fan of the turtles, but the animation was pretty good, the cast was fine, and the story was nice. B

Books I’ve read, week ten

15. Total Sell Out
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis Artist: Brian Michael Bendis
I knew of Brian Michael Bendis, started reading him when Kevin Smith left Daredevil and he started a great run. I’ve also liked him on Ultimate Spider-Man, Powers, Alias and the two current Avengers series. This is mostly a collection of work when he was writing and drawing (he doesn’t draw anymore) a column for the Cleveland Plain Dealer. A good read, mixes slice of life stuff with memoirs, also includes a couple of collaborations (including one with Warren Ellis). B

A different standard for professional

I’ve only watched one episode of American Idol, but I understand it’s fairly popular with the young people. This season has undergone some criticism for some of its performers already having record deals.

But I as I found out today, record deals don’t necessarily mean that they’re professionals. Carly Smithson (née Hennessy) had an album out in 2001 that sold 378 copies (that’s right – 378, after $2 million in production and marketing). Local bands from DC can sell that much at one show. It’s no wonder record companies are in trouble. I have no idea what she sounds like now, but here’s Carly from 2001 with “I’m Gonna Blow Your Mind”:

eBay record kinda weekend

I thought the 50 auctions I did a couple weeks ago was good, then last week I did 46. Not bad, but this weekend I crushed ’em both – 105 auctions, all X-Men and related comics. I’ve got one more decent sized one next weekend, then I’m going to cut back (but I’ll have made a sizable dent in the comics I don’t want anymore).

The weekend was ok – we knew the weather wasn’t going to be great, but Jill has an exam on Tuesday so she was studying. I spent lots of time taking pictures, getting descriptions ready, and starting the auctions, as well as packaging and shipping the winners from last week (at least I watched some movies while I did work downstairs).

Not bad for food – quick leftover fajitas Friday, I slow cooked a pork loin and made pulled pork Saturday, and grilled a steak tonight. I finally got to the last galaxy in Super Mario Friday, but didn’t finish – Jill got more time this weekend with it than I did. The only one unhappy with the weekend is Illa – we did play some and went outside today, but he hasn’t gotten quite as much playtime as he’d like.