Free Ozzy

No, he’s not in jail, I don’t think he’s bitten the head off anything lately. But his Ozzfest is totally free this year. I’m sure that there will be lots of sponsors and food and drink will be pricey, but it’s a cool idea.

Too bad the shows I really want to go to this summer will be anything but free.

Super Sunday

Friday I got home late after grocery shopping. I wanted something simple, so I whipped up some pastrami and muenster wraps. Jill still had work to do, so she went upstairs and I read newspapers. She went to bed fairly early, and I watched some TV and played with Illa.

Jill was up somewhat early on Saturday, starting with a bagel. I made egg sandwiches for myself, then read the paper before starting in on something I reall didn’t want to do – taxes. That took most of my afternoon, while Jill ran some errands, then more studying. The excitement of the day was when Alex and Jennifer from PawNanny came over to trim Illa’s nails. I’ve never been to a nail salon, so I didn’t know they’d use a Dremel on him. They warned me he cries during it, but it was like someone was sticking red hot pokers into his paws. After they got through one paw, I went in the kitchen and held him and petted him as they finished, and he didn’t offer up another peep the rest of the time. Saturday night I grilled steaks. Jill made a salad, and I also sauted onions and made a garlic chive butter for the steaks – I really liked that. I also made a Acapulco cocktail (cousin of pina coloda) that I thought was tasty). After dinner we finally watched 24, then Jill had some more work to do while I read.

Sunday Jill got up around 10 to go to a meeting, then I got up a little later, then made french toast that she’d requested. We cleaned up the 1st floor as we’d invited people over for the game, then Jill headed upstairs. I read some comics, then got cleaning. I also made some pulled pork and sauce with the crock pot, then jumped online to start an auction before the game. At 6, I scooted downstairs to make the coleslaw to go with the pulled pork, and kickoff had just happened when our guests arrived. I think 5 people is just the right amount to actually watch something on the TV for a while and be comfortable. Scott and Mel brought over a veggie tray and strawberry Newtons, and Sandy brought some Ritz chips, both vaguely healthy and went well with our pulled pork sandwiches, chicken empanadas, and ham croquettes (ok, the latter weren’t that great). The game was good for me (I was pulling for the Colts), food and company was good, and the commercials were funny (the only thing we used rewind on the dvr for), especially this one:

My second choice would be this one, solely because they used a piece of music I chose for my ATW CD (Infidel, Inc – “Fix”):


So I’ve spending time trying to read this Photo CD from 1993, mostly because it has pictures of Trina on it. A lot of time. Thursday night, Friday morning, a good portion of Sunday, and all Monday evening. I can’t seem to read the CD on any drive except the Windows 95 laptop, and that only sees the title, actually reading the CD fails. So I’m at a loss, figure I’ll bring it into work and try it on some machines there. It doesn’t work on a Windows 98 box, but then my coworker Rob takes a good look at the CD. He points out that while unscratched, the CD has a small discolored area near the beginning. D’oh! So I went and looked up data recovery programs and tried a couple out. Of course almost none let you extract the data without paying for it, and the freeware ones didn’t work, so I chose one of the cheapest, inDisc Recovery. I had a couple problems upgrading to a non-demo version, but I got it to work. Unfortunately the CD has been damaged enough I could not get the pictures off cleanly (at least the ones of Trina, it got some of the later ones, although I’m trying the last couple of Trina now), but at least now I know, and can turn my attention to scanning the photos of Trina I do have.

I knew I’d spent way too much time on the computer when I didn’t go to bed until 3 on Monday (some call me “persistent” – others, “stubborn”), although I also spent time making a big dinner – chicken fried in crushed pecans and cheese, and pistachio and parmesan cheese whole wheat biscuits. So Tuesday and Wednesday I tried to stay off at home, making quick dinners (buffalo chicken tender salad and hot dogs) and catching up on newspapers and TV. Tonight I made another fast meal (pasta and shrimp meal in a bag), and I’m surfing some now. Maybe soon Jill will actually took a long enough break to watch 24 with me. I need to get to bed somewhat early tonight, as I’d like to get up kinda early since Jill has late school and we haven’t scheduled a dog walk for tomorrow.