Weekday updates

Some of which is boring, underlining why I don’t usually report on the minutiae of my week (no, I don’t know why I felt like it this time).

Sunday after I made BBQ sauce I started cooking pork chops in vinegar in the crock pot, later dumping the vinegar and replacing it with the BBQ sauce. By the time I went to bed I had pulled pork, and that’s what we had for dinner Monday (at slightly different times since Jill worked nights through Wednesday). I watched Deadwood (it feels like forever since I’ve seen it, and I didn’t remember everything in the what had come before clip) while I made summer turkey chili and read the paper.

Tuesday I had the chili for dinner, and watched the last of the Firefly eps, as well as the bonus features. When I took Illa for a walk is when I noticed a raccoon had been caught, and there was a lot of noise that night. My left ankle started spasming for no reason I could tell that night, and I worked on its trigger points for a while.

The raccoon was removed Wednesday, and there’s been no captures since. Wednesday night my left ankle was bothering me more, so to entertain Illa I gave him a bone, which we hadn’t done since he got sick. He left me alone all night after that except for dinner, where I had leftover BBQ sandwiches. I watched the Daily Show/Colbert Report, and read comics, including the Serenity miniseries (which means the movie is next, finally).

Thursday I went out to lunch at Damon’s to welcome a new coworker, enjoyed a prime rib sandwich as we watched the first half of the England vs. Trinidad and Tobago match in the World Cup, groaning along when one of Trinidad and Tobago players took a ball in the nuts (I wasn’t aware that one of the treatments for that was squirting water down your shorts). That night Jill and I went to see the ladies of The Veltz Family (formerly known as Cecilia) in Herndon, Jill whipping up a quick picnic dinner beforehand – BBQ sandwich for her, chicken tacos for me, and fruit salad. A good show, watched it with Stuart and Janice and Mike. Afterwards, we watched Lewis Black’s new HBO special – funny, but I was so tired I was falling asleep on the couch, and went to bed while Jill checked email.

Friday Jill was working ’til 11, so I had dinner without her (salad and shrimp), watching the Commander in Chief finale, the Tonight Show with Ann Coulter and George Carlin (no battle like I was hoping for) and two Justice League episodes. I wanted to catch Justice League when it aired, but could never get the hang of watching or recording on Saturday nights, and as time passed it got too far into it. But I saw while flipping channels Boomerang (Cartoon Network sister station) has it airing every night at 11, and it’s in the middle of the first season. I wouldn’t normally dive into a TV show there, but I think I know their origin pretty well at this point (several versions of it, too). They’re also airing Superman and Batman after it, and I’ve been meaning to watch those too, but won’t now because a) they’re further in to the series and b) with Daily Show/Colbert Report not repeats, that gives me over an hour (without commercials) of daily watching already.

My ankle’s still bugging me, feels less like spasming and more like tingling, which likely means nerve issues (like I had in my right foot), so I’ve been wearing a brace since Thursday. The soonest I could see the doctor for it is next Wednesday, so we’ll see how it goes in the meantime. Guess I’m back to driving with the right foot.

Best Buy Rush exclusives

Rush is back with the new 3-DVD box set, Replay X3.

Save on the new box set and get a bonus CD with more than 17 minutes of exclusive tracks. Bonus CD features live versions of “Limelight,” “Tom Sawyer,” “Spirit of the Radio” and “Closer to the Heart.”

“Spirit of the Radio”? Nice. Haven’t heard yet where these bonus songs are from, but I’m assuming they haven’t been released elsewhere – Best Buy is good at getting exclusives.

Critter update

Illa had another vet visit Friday and seems back to normal after his antibiotics over the weekend. One final test on his stool to know for sure.

I meant to get to work by 8 today, so I could work for a couple hours before my massage, but it just didn’t happen. The raccoon trapper was supposed to come by after I was done, but came by early. He diagnosed us with a missing roof vent and left a trap on the roof. I called them to let them know I had a family, not just one, but they charge a flat fee and said they’d be back once a day until they’re all gone.

They offered to install another vent and a couple others, but the price was a little high. Plus, we need to get a new roof this year anyway – no point paying for something that’s going to be torn off soon.

I went in around noon, worked until 8:30 with a short lunch around 4. I was trying to avoid going to bed late, but I can’t seem to avoid it when I’m on the computer. Gonna have to try something else to limit myself during the week.

Not too Petty

Let’s start the weekend recap on Thursday. Jill was in a good mood – not counting cleaning up Illa messes, it was her favorite day as she got to go to Capitol Hill and speak to two congressmen and sit in on hearings for her health policy class. I got home later than planned and we only caught the last half hour of Brindley Brothers inaugurating the Herndon Thursday night concert series. Since Illa couldn’t have any food, we went to eat at Guapo’s so as not to eat in front of him. Tasty food, I had rotisserie chicken and Jill had a taco platter.

Friday I was up early to drop my car off and catch the last bus to my building (which still takes an hour from the mechanic). I missed the bus on the way out and had Jill come get me as we would have been way late otherwise. I paid for my repairs and went home to pick up Jill. We got to Celebrate Fairfax around 7:30, and Getaway Car was already on. So we followed the sound of music to the side stage, and sat down to watch them. I never I thought I’d see a smoke machine on a side stage, but they used it well. We were having a good time until the rain shower during their last song, “All Time Low”, but we toughed it out under my jacket.

The rain continued, so we went to the Government Center building and waited for it to pass. Not long enough, as it started to pour as we headed to find food – we ducked into the baby changing tent to stay dry. Finally it was over, and Jill got pizza and I got a crab cake sandwich and hush puppies. We ate on the run as Collective Soul had started, and made our way to the stage where it was the most crowded I’d seen it. We got over to a clear spot at stage right and grooved to the hits; I really enjoyed “Gel” and “Why Pt. 2”. We headed out during the last song to avoid the rush, and made it home by 11.

Saturday we slept in some, I woke up around 9:30, took Illa for a walk and made an egg sandwich while watching the MTV Movie Awards (best bit was a DaVinci code spoof with Jimmy Fallon). I read some newspapers, then headed upstairs to check out the Tom Petty setlist and familiarize myself with the songs I didn’t know. I bought tix on eBay earlier in the week – 2nd row in the 2nd section, for not much more than face of one ticket. Jill had decided she wanted to go to the show even though she was on call, so we’d decided to take separate cars. I found out Saturday that our friends Stuart and Janice got tix too, so we decided to caravan and tailgate before the show.

I made wraps and a fruit salad, and we left around 6. Traffic was light, and we got to Nissan around 6:30. We set up chairs, and tucked in to our meal. We were having a good time, but forced ourselves to leave when Trey Anastasio came on. Stuart came down with me to watch since Jill didn’t care about Trey (not a Phish head), then we joined them on the lawn during the break, when we caught up with our friend Jolene and her friend Dimitri.

Once Tom started, we made our way down and enjoyed a great show of his hits. My favorite of the first part was his version of the Wilburys’ “Handle With Care” (I’ve always been a huge Wilburys fan). The best reason to come to this tour was he had Stevie Nicks touring with him, and “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around” was a treat to see (they also played their other duet, “Insider”, plus Stevie sang lead on “I Need To Know” before singing background vox on others). Great show, but we left during the encore as usual.

Sunday was pretty relaxing, slept in to 11, then got up and made scrambled eggs while I watched “Hex”, a new BBC series that’s kind of a Buffy knock off with witches, but not bad. I read more newspapers in the afternoon, then went grocery shopping with Jill. When we got back, I marinated some shrimp, then made broccoli to go with before I grilled the shrimp. I made some BBQ for tomorrow’s dinner, then took Illa on a long walk before watching Simpsons and Family Guy ass I packaged up some eBay auctions that had just finished. Now I gotta get to bed as I’m gonna try and get up at 6AM tomorrow.

New “Weird Al” song

Go here to download “You’re Pitiful”, a new song that didn’t make the cut for his new CD (yes, it’s a James Blunt parody).

I like the way the emails from him start “Dear Close, Personal Friend Of Al”. I knew the voices didn’t lie!

Poor doggy

First the ER, now he’s had two days of diarrhea, followed by some grass eating and vomiting tonight. Jill’s going to take him to see the vet tomorrow afternoon. We hope he’s worked everything out of his system, but I don’t want to get to Saturday and things not getting better.

Not to mention I don’t want to clean certain materials off the rugs again.

Mmm… Meat Loaf

Meat Loaf’s Bat Out Of Hell III comes out this fall. I didn’t think too uch of his last two albums, but I’ll get this – he apparently has to have Jim Steinman around to make a good one. If you can’t put an album like this out on 6/6/6, you might as well put it on Halloween.

Couldn’t start the Cars

I decided to head to Wolf Trap last night to catch the New Cars. I’d seen Blondie before, so I thought I’d time it to get there after they finished. I got there about 9:45, and they’d just started, according to the setlist they’d been playing. Perfect timing I thought – but I was wrong. I wanted to just go there and buy a lawn ticket, but the box office was closed, and the ushers were no help. So I hung out and listened to a few songs, and they sounded good, but just listening isn’t the same, and I don’t count that as seeing a band, so I left. Today I found this on the box office hours:

Filene Center Performance days: Until the end of intermission or 9 pm, whichever is later.

I’ll know better next time.

Since I didn’t spend any money there, I’ve decided to go see Tom Petty on Saturday. Trey Anastasio (from Phish) opening was already pretty cool (though Pearl Jam would have been awesome, but that’s a different leg), but now they’ve added Stevie Nicks. Wonder what the chance is they’ll play “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around”?