Travel gods are angry with me

Apparently my gloating about our Toronto trip was too much for the travel gods, so they’ve decided to humble me. AirTran is no longer offering direct flights to Boston (they offered to still take us, but connect in Atlanta – Atlanta?), so I’ve had to rebook our trip in March on United, for double the original cost (yeah, the original was a great deal, but still…).

And why is Amtrak so expensive? Jill’s not a huge fan of flying, and likes trains, but their prices are nearly double waht I just paid for airline tickets. I often check them out when I’m traveling on the east coast, but I never use them – if you’re going to get me there later than an airplane, your prices should at least be comparable.

D’oh Canada

So, I’ve been planning our trip to Toronto to see David Gilmour. The prices of airline tickets are ridiculous (I miss FlyI), close to $300 each, and I’ve been checking in for the last month or so, looking for sales.

So tonight I remembered that there was a Lord of the Rings musical playing in Toronto, and the long suffering Jilly (she who fell asleep during Fellowship of the Ring on our first real date) agreed to go. So I was in the process of buying tickets for that when I noticed they said something about Air Canada ticket packages. They didn’t have any good deals, but that made me look at Expedia, and then I looked at United’s site to compare prices. And then I remembered to look at my frequent flyer miles account at United, and that reminded me that I had enough miles for two round trips to Toronto.

One drawback – we have to go up Friday afternoon instead of Saturday. But I won’t complain too much since the tickets only cost me $30 each in taxes. I’m sure the hotel room (if we can’t use the resort club) won’t be too much more. Yeah, we’re doing a lot of travelling in two months – got to get it all done before Jill starts school.